What could Hades' pitchfork do?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Hades does not have a pitchfork.

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blast smoke

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Q: What could Hades' pitchfork do?
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Did Hades have a pitchfork?

hades holds a scepter, which is a two pronged staff...

What is an object hades had?

hades had a pitchfork with a u shape ant points at the ends and a long handle.

What weapons did Zeus Poseidon and Hades get?

Zeus recieved a thunderbolt, Poseidon a trident and Hades a pitchfork

Why is Satan depicted as using a pitchfork?

This is a melding of the mythological being hades who had a two pronged fork for destroying stuff.

How do you get taller on Poptropica?

You need to collect all of the Gods' items ( Poseidon's pitchfork and Hades' crown) then put them on and press the spacebar.

Did hades have a pitch fork?

Yes it was called a bident. Poseidon god of the sea had a trident i never heard the word bident in my entire life but anyway Poseidon had a trident Hades had a pitchfork

Did Hades have a weapon?

Yes, his weapon was said to be a helm of invisibility. This was given to him by the Cyclops. The Cyclops gave the helm to him so that Hades could help end the war that was going on between the Titans and the Olympians. The helm allows the wearer to not be seen, heard or felt.Answer:He also wielded a pitchfork

What is a pitchfork disease?

A pitchfork is a fork that was originally used to collect hay and straw from the fields. A pitchfork is not a disease

When was Colin Pitchfork born?

Colin Pitchfork was born in 1961.

When was Pitchfork Media created?

Pitchfork Media was created in 1995.

What is the name of the devil's pitchfork?

The devil's pitchfork is called a trident

When was Pitchfork - album - created?

Pitchfork - album - was created in 1991-10.