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It sounds as if it could be a growth. You need to consult a physician, who may recommend that the lump be removed by surgery. (It's usually a simple, minor operation), tumor

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Q: What could a large painless lump be that is located in the back of the head by the base of the neck?
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What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on your upper back by your spine be?

A cyst

What could a small painless lump be on your lower back?

Any lump (painless or not) is cause for concern. I would get it checked out, it may be nothing....but it could be something serious, you should get it checked early. It could be something as innocous as harmless skin lump or it could be something more, go to the doctor to be checked out.

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right side of the back be?

Possibly Lipoma. Google it. They're quite common and harmless from what I've read. But you should still see a doctor to make sure.

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Something for your medical practitioner to look at

What is a large bump under the skin located on the back of the neck and also on the back of the head?

it's a spine disc

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keine idea

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