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If you have a concern you should have your physician examine it for you.

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It sounds as if it could be a growth. You need to consult a physician, who may recommend that the lump be removed by surgery. (It's usually a simple, minor operation), tumor

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GO SEE A DOCTOR! this could be anything from an insect bite to cancer

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Q: What could a large painless lump be that is located in the back of the head by the base of the neck?
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What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on your upper back by your spine be?

Lipoma, sebaceous cyst, and abscess are common causes of bumps on the back under the skin. See your health care provider for a specific diagnosis in your case.

What could be a soft painless lump near the collarbone area if blood test comes back normal?

This could be a sign of a pull muscle or tention.You could have over lift something in pull something out of place.

What is an unmovable painless lump on upper back be?

Could be many things such as a zit, pimple, could be a bug bit from, or if anything very vrery serious and unlikely a tumor which would be a 1 in a million chance.

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Months old pecan size semi-soft painless lump located in the back of my leg under the skin 2 inches above my knee that applied pressure results in mild numbness and tingling down my leg could be what?

That might be some tumor, but then to be sure, have it checked at once.

Soft painless lump on the back of your arm?

Something for your medical practitioner to look at

What can a painless lump on upper right side of the back behind the chest be?

keine idea

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What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right side of the back be?

A hard lump in the lower lumbar region could be a cyst. It is best to be examined by a physician to be sure it's nothing serious.

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