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It sounds as if it could be a growth. You need to consult a physician, who may recommend that the lump be removed by surgery. (It's usually a simple, minor operation), tumor

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What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on your upper back by your spine be?

A cyst

What could a small painless lump be on your lower back?

Any lump (painless or not) is cause for concern. I would get it checked out, it may be nothing....but it could be something serious, you should get it checked early. It could be something as innocous as harmless skin lump or it could be something more, go to the doctor to be checked out.

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right side of the back be?

Possibly Lipoma. Google it. They're quite common and harmless from what I've read. But you should still see a doctor to make sure.

Painless red bumps in the back of your throat?


What could be a soft painless lump near the collarbone area if blood test comes back normal?

This could be a sign of a pull muscle or tention.You could have over lift something in pull something out of place.

Where is a fuel filter located in a Cirrus LX?

It is located at the back of the fuel tank.It is as large as half a beer can

What does the idiom a big bun mean?

It could mean a large roll of hair on the back or top of the head, or it could mean a large buttocks or it could just mean a large bread roll.

Soft painless lump on the back of your arm?

Something for your medical practitioner to look at

What is a large bump under the skin located on the back of the neck and also on the back of the head?

it's a spine disc

Where are your tricep muscles located in your body?

The triceps are the large muscles on the back of upper arms.

What can a painless lump on upper right side of the back behind the chest be?

keine idea

How painful is it to get a tattoo on his back?

It's not so bad. The upper back was pretty much painless for me but everyone is different so it could be very painful for some. The lower back near the kidney area is a bit worse in my opinion, but still not too bad.

Months old pecan size semi-soft painless lump located in the back of my leg under the skin 2 inches above my knee that applied pressure results in mild numbness and tingling down my leg could be what?

That might be some tumor, but then to be sure, have it checked at once.

Where is the transmission located on a 96 dodge aveneger?

It is the large aluminum case that bolts to the back of the engine.

What could a large soft lump be on the back of the neck?

Tumor, Infection or bruise.

What is the hard painless lump at the base of your neck?

The lump on the back of your neck would be a part of your spine.

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Type your answer here... It could be the back up light censor. Depending on where it's located, you may have to drop the tranny. that could be where the censor is located. I had the same problem in my 1998 grand Cherokee and that's where it was located. the censor is about $20.

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It could be the p/s leaaking if you are loosing fluid. Otherwise, you just have to get back there and see what is leaking.

Where were most of the large southern plantations located back-country tidewater coastal areas or flat lands?


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I have had acupuncture for my back and it wasn't on the tongue. I found acupuncture fairly painless for the most part and it did help.

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It is located on the back of the ECM. It is the large metal box not the white plastic one.

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stone henge

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could very well be brake switch on back of brake pedal. it is located at the top back off pedal, or it could be out of adjustment. check and see if power to back lamps, if not check brake switch.

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