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Tumor, Infection or bruise.

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Q: What could a large soft lump be on the back of the neck?
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What is the Large lump between the back of your neck and where your back is?

your spine

Hard lump on back of neck?

If you have a hard lump on the back of your neck, it could be a cyst. It could also be a form of a boil. If it does not go away, you should have it checked out by a physician.

Your dog has a bloody lump on the back of his neck what could this be from?

It could be an imbedded tick.

Lump on the back of your neck it come and goes?

Could be a lymph node.

What is the hard painless lump at the base of your neck?

The lump on the back of your neck would be a part of your spine.

Size of a pea the lump on your neck that moves?

A pea-sized lump on the back on the neck that moves could be a node. However, it is important to get nodes checked out to ensure that they are benign.

What could a large painless lump be that is located in the back of the head by the base of the neck?

It sounds as if it could be a growth. You need to consult a physician, who may recommend that the lump be removed by surgery. (It's usually a simple, minor operation), tumor

What might a lump on the left side at the base of a neck indicate?

A lump at the front of the neck could be inflamed lymph nodes, or an increase in one nodule of the thyroid gland which is a butterfly shaped organ in the neck belonging to the endocrine system. At the back of the neck a lump could be a muscle spasm or a problem with a spinal vertebra.

Why does my guinea pig have a lump on the back of her neck?

every guinea pig has a lump on the back of their neck, im not sure what it's for tho... but it's nothing to worry about

What could a sudden painless large lump under the skin on the lower right front of the neck be?

It could be a growth, so have a doctor examine it.

Large lump on back of your shoulder near neck after whiplash?

The large lump is more than likely a knot from the accident. It may be bruised tissue as well. It would be wise to consult a chiropractor for a specific diagnosis.

What is the lump on my neck on the inside of jaw?

The lump on your neck on the inside of the jaw could be an infection. It is important that you seek medical attention ASAP.

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