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I dont know! lots of things like, society, religion, industry, majorcities/ ports, natural recorces, economy and nationalities.

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Q: What could attract settlers to Delaware in 1638?
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Where did the settlers come from to live in Delaware in 1638?


Who found Delaware in 1638?

Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1638.

In 1638 Swedish settlers built on land where the city of Wilmington Delaware now stands?

fort Christina

What is Delaware's founding date?

1638 1638

When did the Swedish find Delaware?

The swedish found Delaware in 1638.

Delaware in 1638?

Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1838.

Who settled the Delaware river?

The Swedish settled the Delaware river in 1638. The name of the settlement was New Sweden and it lasted from 1638 to 1655.

What natural resources did settlers have in the Delaware colony in 1638?

rum, barrels, woods, cookies,people,dissect,eskomo,love,holly rights, and you

When was the Delaware first founded?

Peter Minuit founded Delaware in 1638

What was the economy like in Delaware in 1638?

In 1638, Delaware was a somewhat prosperous Colony. There were lumber mills and fisherman. In 1638, additions to the Colony included a group of Swedes and Finns who were already skilled fishermen and farmers.

Delaware laws in 1638?

the laws were krap

What date did Colonial Delaware start?


What year did Delaware became a colony?

In 1638

Reason for colonization in Delaware?

The early European settlers of Delaware were the first the Dutch in 1631 and then the Swedes in 1638. The Dutch established trading posts in Delaware primarily to make profit from trading ventures. The Swede also settled here for trading purposes. In 1664, The English took control of Delaware.

What are some significant characteristics of Delaware in the 1600s?

Delaware was founded in 1638 Was part of Pennsylvania

What colony was founded in 1638?


Slavery for Delaware in 1638?

Unlikely at that point in history.

What type of government did Delaware have when founded in 1638?


In 1638 what religious groups were in Delaware?

mostly catholic

What is the exact date Delaware colony was established?

in 1638.

On what date was the colony of Delaware established?

The colony of Delaware was founded in 1638. The colony of Delaware was originally a region in the Pennsylvania province.

What day was Delaware founded?

Delaware was founded in 1638 and admitted in union on December 7, 1787

What was Delawares religion?

In 1638, the colony Delaware was a preotestant religion!

How did Delaware make there money in 1638?

They traded with the Native Americans.

Plymouth was founded in what year?

in 1638 the same time as Delaware