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Ptobably a motor or trans mount. Have them checked out.

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Q: What could be causing a vibration on a 1994 Chevy Berettawhen the car starts or is put into gear or is driven?
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Check the entire front end assembly. Wear in the tie rod ends, ball joints, or other components can cause the vibration.

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1996 Plymouth voyager 3.3 liter has a vibration at high speeds and a wobble at low speeds.?

My minivan was doing something very similar. Does the vibration/wobble stop when you let off the accelerator? Try coasting down a hill without touching the gas pedal; if the vibration stops when you let off and then starts again when you push on the gas pedal there's a good chance the vehicle has worn-out motor mounts. I was skeptical when my mechanic told me this, but after he replaced the mounts on my '92 Voyager 3.3 liter there was a huge improvement to the wobble/vibration that I had.

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air mass sensor?