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or cv joint

If it's rear wheel drive, check the U-Joints.

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What could be causing a loud clunking or jackhammering noise near front drivers side of car it gets worse when you accerlerate but sometimes goes nearly silent when driving?

CV joint

Why does your car make clunking noises when you step on the gas and the brake?

A car that is in good running condition should not make a clunking noise. If a person pushes the gas and brake pedal at the same time causing a car to make a clunking noise, that is an indication of stain on the motor.

Anybody know what is causing 1999 Ford Festiva to have a very noisy clunking front end?

It is the sway bar bushings.

Why iron ball floats on mercury?

Mercury is more dense than iron, causing it to float on the surface of mercury.

How is the Stonehenge changing?

erosion is causing rocks to dissolve

What may be causing your 01 Mercury Cougar to jerk when driving anywhere from 34 to 36 mph?

several ford products had a torque converter lock up problem. It would shift in and out at a certain speed. Sometimes changing the transmission fluid will fix it, it did on my crown vic. You might also change the fuel filter. It can't hurt.

Why is there day and night?

When the Earth rotates sometimes we face the sun causing day and sometimes we face away from the sun causing night. )

Are Mercury glass thermometers safe?

no because if dropped the mercury can spill causing poisoning, and the fumes are also poisonous

What is the clunking noise in your 2004 ford escape after you put it in four wheel drive?

A selenoid is activated from the rotary switch on the dash. This selenoid engages the AWD system causing the slight clunk

What 1999 Mercury Mountaineer has a burnt smell?

There was a recall for the cruise control causing smoking and sometimes burning have you checked to have it replaced? We just had ours replaced we received letter stating the recall. Hope this helps...

What is causing the leaves on a palm houseplant to turn yellow?

easy the changing of the weather

What are the changes in your body if you swalloe mercury bymistake?

Mercury is highly toxic to humans. mercury is a potent nerve poison, causing tremors, loss of memory, insomnia, depression and personality changes.

What is changing by contact?

causing a neutral object to become charged by touching it with a charged object.

Why does mercury have a long day?

bcause mercury spins slower than earth causing earths days to be shorter and mercurys days much longer.

What is causing the clunking noise from the front drivetrain of my 2000 gmc z-71 equipped with auto 4wd at speeds less than 15mph and how do you fix it?

That sounds suspiciously like a loose suspension part.

Can a tune up stop knocking?

Sometimes. It depends on what is causing the knocking.

What is a small creatures that sometimes devour crop causing a famine?


How do you use a therometer?

Mercury(or what ever is in the thermometer) expands when it is heated up causing it to move up, and contracts when it is cooled down causing the fluid to move down the tube.

Why do you use mercury in thermometer?

As tempertature rises, the mercury in the thermometer expands, causing it to go up. As temperature decreases, the mercury in the thermometer contracts, causing it to go down on the scale. However, mercury thermometers are very dangerous if it breakes and gets on your skin. so it it reccomended to use an electric thermometer. these thermometers use thermoelectric current to measure temperature. ergo. they are safe if they break cheers <3 -Eli

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by injecting their genetic material into the host cell causing the cell to react and sometimes causing a genetic mutation

Can Mercury be fired from a water pistol?

Yes but mercury is very massive and it will require a lot of effort with unimpressive result. And then there will be a lot of people MAD at you for wasting a precious commodity and causing serious environmental damage. Mercury is toxic.

What is causing the heater to blow cold air in 2002 Mercury Mountaineer?

you would have to see a mechanic about that problem

What causes the fluid to rise up the toy birds neck?

When the beak of the toy touches the water it cools the mercury inside the toy causing it to shrink which offsets the balance in the toy. As is rises the mercury heats up and expands, again causing an offset in balance, continuing the cycle.

Reasons for missing a period?

You could be pregnant. Or your body could just be changing causing your period to be missed.

What are the Differences between physical and biological weathering of a rock?

Biological weathering is when a rock is eroded by an animal or plant (a living thing) but physical weathering is when the effects of changing temperature on rocks, causing the rock to break apart. The process is sometimes assisted by water.