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It could be statutory rape, depending on where they reside.

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Mi penis is 22cm is that normal for a 14year old?

NO 14year old child has such a penis....FAKE.

How much should a 14year old 5' 4 girl weight?

a 14year old 5foot 4inch girl should weigh about...120-145lbs.

Is a 5kilo dumbbel to heavy for a 14year old?

No, not at all.

Is 60kg a avergae weight of a 14year old girl?


How should you let down a 14year old boy?


Can a 14year old get a job in Los Angeles?

Stay in school

What is my height in future if I am 14year old and 4.10ft tall?

your gonna be a midget

Can a 14year old have a working permit?

yes they can you have to get one from school or a public place.~

What is the average weight for a 6' 2 14year old?

145-150lbs .

Would Joe Jonas consider a 14year old too young for him?


Is it illegal for a 14year old to date a 18 year old in Alberta?


How much should a 14year old boy wiegh that is 5'4?

Between 115-130

Is 85kg fat for a 14year old?

Medical factors aside, yes it is considered overweight

Can a 14year old girl get married in the state of AR?

No. You have to be at least 16 to get a marriage license.

Is it ok for a 12year old girl to kiss her 14year old boyfriend on the lips?


How can a 14year old make 10dollars in one day?

A summer part-time job.

Is it okay if a 12year old boy finger a 14year old girl?

that... is just WRONG..

Is a 34C bra size normal for a 14year old girl?

Its big for a fourteen year old

What places are looking for jobs for an 14year old teenager with a working permit in Richmond Va?

folstone road

Can a 17 year old boy date a 14year old girlo?

yes, but they cannot do anything sexual.

How much should a 14year old boy weigh that is 5 9?

I am about 5,9 and im 150 is that good?

Where to get a working permit for a 14year-old?

U can get one from your school guidence counsoler that's how i got mine

How can you stop a 14year old from having a period?

you cant, it part of nature and shouldn't be messed with... but if it on for to long then take her to see a doctor

How do you get a 13 year old girl to like a 14year old boy? her prettycall her smartask her out

Where can a 14year old girl find a job in Sydney?

A lot of places employ junior staff such as fast food restaurants and supermarkets.

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