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What could be the effect of the loss of the top soil?

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The loss of plants, and vegetation can cause the soil to erode or blow away during windy times, because their are no plant roots holding the dirt into the ground.

2010-04-21 15:36:51
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Q: What could be the effect of the loss of the top soil?
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Related Questions

How does wind effect soil?

Wind erosion is the top reason for loss of top soil and the encroachment of desertification.

What happens in the process of runoff?

Erosion, pollution, loss of top soil.

What are the environmental impacts if a landslide occurs?

The environmental impacts are erosion, loss of top soil and the loss of vegetation.

What is the organic layer of soil?

organic soil is the soil that you can plant fruits and veggies in which could also be top soil...

How does soil erosion effect rivers and lakes?

In soil erosion the top soil is being removed or washed away by the higher surface runoff.

What is sub soil and top soil?

Top soil is soil on the very top of the earths crust and is the soil we walk on. Sub soil is the soil tha is under top soil

How does erosion slow down the green house effect?

Erosion reduces top soil. Top soil fosters plant growth, which acts as a carbon sink. So erosion should actually increase the greenhouse effect rather than slow it down. It is possible mineral salts and lighter aeolian depositions on eroded landscapes could increase earth's albedo, reflecting more light back into space, which could have a slight cooling effect.

What dose top soil mean?

Top soil means the top layer of soil

What does top soil have?

the top most layer of soil

Why should soil erosion be prevented?

Soil Erosion needs to be prevented because it leads to loss of the top nutrient-rich soil. If nutrient-rich soil is lost, it will result in the exposure of depleted soil which can not be used for cultivation. Thus food production and agriculture will suffer.

What is top soil?

it has no soil

Does potting soil retain the most water out of sand potting soil and local top soil?

top soil

Does cauliflower grows on top of the soil?

Yes, it grows on top of the soil.

What do scientist call the top layer of a soil profile?

Top soil

How does soil erosion affect top soil?

Soil erosion carries top soil away, which is troublesome if were hoping to grow plants there.

What challenges might commercial and subsistence farmers have in common?

Loss of top soil due to wind erosion. Desertification due to over farming. Loss of crops due to pests or weather conditions.

What is top soil made of?

It is the top of the soil and consists of humus sand and silt.

What type of soil holds water best top soil or potting soil?

potting soil, but is better to mix 70% potting soil and 30% top soil with horse manure

Can water harm top soil?

yes, flowing water can harm top soil because it carries away the soil with it and causes soil erosion.

What do you call the best garden soil?

Fertile soil/top soil

Would using fire to eliminate most plants in the area have a positive effect on that area?

Unless the are was quickly replanted, the effect would be negative as the loss of plant cover makes the ground more subject to erosion and loss of top soil. If you replant with a uniform plant cover you may also have a negative effect in that variety seems to support a stronger ecosystem. For example, replacing a natural forest with a tree plantation reduces the available habitat for many animals that lived in the original forest

What causes nutrients in the top soil to be removed?

Soil erosion and certain human activities causes the nutrients in the top soil to be removed.

Which layer of soil contains humus?

top soil

What is the richest part of the soil called?

top soil...........

What type of soil feels spongy?

top soil