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One possibility is TMJ or teeth grinding. It usually occurs at night so you might not be aware that you are doing it. It is a way that our body releases too much stress and worries. You could inspect your teeth for signs of clenching or grinding. Or try to catch yourself doing it. Does your jaw pop? Your dentist could help you if this was the case.

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What would be the reason for tingling of face and nose and headache pain behind left eye?

I experience headache behind left eye but no accompanying tingling. Doctor has diagnosed eye headache as symptom of blocked Sinus.

Why does your temple hurts?

It can hurt because of alots of reason, maybe has been hit somewhere before headache can cause that and have a twitchy feeling on the left side of the temple most of the time.

Muscle soreness associated with strenuous exercise is at least partly due to?

Muscle soreness after strenuous exercise can be attributed to several things. The primary reason is that there are microtears in the muscle fibers.

Is headache the reason of Epilepsy?

Headache may be one of the symptoms of epilepsy. It can also be symptomatic of hundreds of other diagnoses. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, consult a board certified headache specialist.

Is opportunity the reason behind success?

Opportunity does not reason it knocks. The reason behind success is that it sure beats failure.

What it means when your left eye very painful going to your head?

While it can be many different problems, the most common reason for behind the eye pain and head pain on the same side is tension headache.

Can you take bath if there is headache on top of head?

no, first take the headache off, then take the bath, because the headache on your head would apply pressure to your head whilst you have a headache. Unless there is another reason for not bathing, a typical headache at the top of the head is not usually a reason for restricting normal personal care practices. If the headache is especially severe or in any other way abnormal, you should see a physician to be sure it is not something severe or dangerous causing the pain. For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist. lawl.

What are 2 signs of emotional stress?

Feeling like you want to cry for no reason at all. Feeling very angry at everything for no reason.

Why do you get a headache after you have a dream?

yes most people do have headache . its because of REM sleep. your eyes move around while sleeping part of the reason why you get dreams.

What is the meeting of why It means why. What is the reason behind it that's what it means.?

why means the reason behind it. SO YA!

When should you go to the doctors for a headache?

If that headache is periodic without any apparent reason, If the headache has been continued for 3->4days non-stop(or short intervals) If you feel nausea and also tiring from it If the headache is preventing you from doing daily activities(by means of moving and walking).

The most common reason given for dropping out of a cardio program?

Participating in a cardio program can definitely leave you feeling muscle soreness and fatigue burnout, but, the most common reason given for dropping out is a lack of time to continue. Remember, if you abruptly stop an intense cardio workout without cooling down, you may experience Irregular heartbeat and arrhythmia.

What is the main reason behind family dispute?

The main reason behind family dispute is ideological gap of generations

Had tkr took 4 amox 500 mg before dentist appt and 4 250 mg erythromycin same day because of bacteria infection Can this cause a headache?

This could cause a headache. A more likely reason for a headache is that you just had your teeth worked on! How long did you sit in the chair with your head at an odd angle and your mouth open? People always want to blame their medicine for anything they might be feeling - sometimes it's not the medicine.

Why do you have a headache?

you might be tiredKimmi:Another reason you get a headache is due to a pain somewhere in the brain, since your brain can't feel pain, the nerves pick it up. So, when you have a headache, it's a lot of times due to a pain in the brain.

Is normal to have migraines everyday?

Migraines are not "normal" at any time. There are over 100 different headache disorders, and Migraine is only one reason that you might have a headache every day. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment, see your physician or a headache specialist.

What is dysphoric mood?

Feeling lousy for no special reason.

When you smoke a blunt you get a headache why?

The most likely reason is that it's the nicotine headrush from the blunt wrap. These are made from tobacco leaves, and if you aren't used to smoking tobacco, it can give you a headache.

What is an important daily reaction?

Is is important of study that not feeling for reason because of live in the everyday time . Is is important of study that not feeling for reason because of live in the everyday time .

What is the reason behind the bail existence?


What are the reason behind the poverty?


What could be the possible reason for headache especially when one starts to study?

You may need glasses.

What is A key contributor to a headache as a symptom of a hangover?

dehydration is the main reason you get headaches after consuming alchohol.

Analyse as the main reason behind the success of mindtree?

A tree with a mind is a beautiful thing

If you have headache in the back of your head is that a sign of brain tumor?

Yes, a headache anywhere can be a sign of a brain tumor, however that is extremely rare. Most often headaches at the back of the head are either tension headaches, Migraine, or occipital neuralgia. There are many more types of headache though, and many of them include pain at the back of the head. If you have a new type of headache or a severe headache, this is reason to seek the help of a qualified physician, especially a Headache Specialist.

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