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What happens to ovulation in prolonged menstrual cycle?

Prolonged menstrual cycles are menstrual cycles that are longer than usual for you. The reason for prolonged menstrual cycles is that ovulation has occurred later in the cycle than usual. Nothing happens to ovulation per say, it's just later.

What are 5 types of cycles ex life cycle water cycle etc?

water cycles life cycles human cycles rock cycles butterfly cycles energy cycles

Why does your klt250 kawasaki die when you unplug the battery?

The charging system cycles through the battery...same reason it doesn't have a kickstart.

How many complete years cycles could the moon go hruogh in a year?


Could you still get your period a week after you conceived?

Generally, no. Pregnant women do not have menstrual cycles.

What does it mean if you dream about you dad?

It depends on why your are dreaming about your dad. If he has passed, that could be a reason. If he left you and your mother, that could be a reason. If he lives far, far away, that could be a reason, if he's mad at one of you (you or your mom) that could be a reason, if they're mad at one enother, etc.

What can influence the climate of a continent?

Sun Cycles Ocean Cycles Cosmic Cycles

How can one go about seeing new Condor Cycles?

There are many ways in which one could go about viewing new Condor Cycles. One would have to live in regions such as California, where Condors are common.

What is the frequency of 3cycles in 12 seconds?

3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.3 cycles / 12 seconds = 0.25 cycles / second, or 0.25 Hz.

Are the nitrogen carbon and water cycles bio-geochemical cycles?

Biological cycles ;-)

Why are cycles in biosphere called biogeochemical cycles?

because it is composed of bio and chemical cycles

What is the opposite of reason?

The opposite of reason is illogic, or irrationality.The opposite of the verb to reason could be to react.

What are some reasons your period could be delayed if you are not pregnant?

AnswerStress relatedSleep problemsIrregular CyclesChange in sexual relations (increased or decreased)Diet ChangesPregnancy - take a pregnancy test to confirmIf you feel that none of these could be a reason or you have general concerns for your delayed period you should visit your GP with your concerns.

What was the reason that French could not succeed in India in the 18th century?

reason for which the french could not scceed in india in the 18th century

Is gear cycle better or normal?

gear cycles are better than normal cycles because gear cycles are comfotable for riding as compared to normal cycles

How are animal breeding cycles impacted by the earths rotation?

Seasons would be affected by a change in the earth's rotation. As many animal's breeding cycles are based on the season, some animals could stop breeding altogether.

Why are the 12 months in a year?

The reason that 12 months were placed onto the calendar was to synchronize with the four seasons. It also coincides with the amount of lunar cycles.

Another word for recurring in cycles?

Another word for recurring in cycles is cyclical. It means or relating or that which is characterized by cycles.

Why do they change the dates of hanukka?

Hanukkah always starts on the 25th day of Kislev on the Jewish calendar. This date corresponds to sometime in December on the Gregorian calendar. The reason it varies is because the Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycles and the Gregorian calendar is based on the solar cycles.

What if your cycles was 5 days late but then started could you be pregnant?

Most likely was it just late. It happens and is normal.

What could be reason for itchy anus?

It could be caused by intestinal worms.

What is a reason a President could be removed from his job?

he could shoot somebody

What are the types of biogeochemical cycles?

Hydrologic,Atmospheric, and Sedimentary Cycles

A megahertz is how many cycles a second?

a million cycles a second.

Timeline of a ducks life cycles?

ducks life cycles