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It could be cankor sores that anyone of us could get. It could be from too much acidity in the body, a jagged tooth bothering the tongue. Still, it's best to be honest with her and tell her a doctor should have a look at it just to be sure of what it is. Until then refrain from oral sex.

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What are the white bumps on the tongue of a 2 month old?

I think that you need to take your child to the doctor because all though I am not a doctor white bumps in the throat can be signs of strep throat i have had it many times and each time the first sign of it was white bumps on my throat.missy177

How do girls kiss with the tongue?

You put your tongue in each others mouth..?

What could small pea-sized bumps on each side of your face be near your nose if they're not acne?

Um..They could be moles, I can't remember what they are called but there are moles that aren't brow and just look like skin bumps. They aren't unusual because alot of people have them.

Are cheeks proximal to the tongue?

The cheeks are lateral to the tongue. The cheeks and tongue are neither proximal nor distal to each other.

Why typhoid fever have coated tongue?

It is said that the typhoid fever patient has got coated tongue. It was usual practice of old and gold physicians to observe the tongue of each and every patient. I could never get any such information and do not fallow the practice of observing the tongue of the patient. Some experienced physician needs to edit this answer.

How do you get rid of bumps on your arm?

Bumps on your arm can be a variety of things. They can be warts, cysts, moles, or tumors. Each of these requires a different kind of treatment. Consult your doctor.

What is the definition of a tongue twister?

A "tongue-twister" can be defined as a sentence which is particularly difficult to say out loud, due to the words sounding similar to each other. An example could be "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers". Many are alliterative.

How would I Describe a subway station at rush hour?

i guess you could say its like a line of ants because everyone bumps into each other even though there is space everywhere

Why do you get goose bumps?

Goose bumps, or the pilomotor reflex, is caused by tiny muscles contracting at the base of each hair on the skin. It can occur when cold but also during strong emotion.

How do you apply tongue and groove pine vertically over drywall?

You cut it to size and air nail it in the tongue of each piece.

If you have broken out with bumps on your hand with a small dot in the middle of each bump could it be a latex allergy?

It could be. There's probably a reason why you asked specifically about latex. If the rash appears where you touch something particular (eg latex gloves) on a regular basis - that could be causing the reaction.

How do komodo dragons talk to each other?

By flicking their tongue?

How do you use Braille?

Braille is a language of raised bumps on paper or other materials. To use Braille you run your fingers over the bumps. Each group of bumps stands for a letter, number, or other written character. So after some months of practice, people can read these bumps on paper just as sighted persons read text.

How do you french kiss somone?

Well you kiss them like normal at first then you open your mount and stick out your tongue You mainly swap spit while sticking your tongues in each others mouths Well, you could sorda of tongue restle while having fun.

Is it harmful if puppis lick each other after taking a poop?

Not really cos a dog's tongue is surprisingly cleaner than ours! But it could be just quite germful.

How does a snake use their tongue to survive?

A snake's tongue is a 'sensory organ'. Each side of the tongue is monitored separately by the brain - enabling the snake to determine which way to go in search of food.

What happens when you feel your ribs?

Nothing happens you just feel 12 bumps on each side

Is it normal to have bumps on your vagina before your period each month?

yes...yes it certainly is.....NOT.....jackass

Is your tongue a tissue an organ or an organ system?

It is an organ. A tongue is an organ because a group of tissues makes up an organ. A tongue is more than a tissue, so it must be an organ. Each type of tissue in the tongue performs an essential task to help the tongue function properly.

What is french kis?

A kiss where you put tongue in each other mouths

Do cats have fingerprints?

not sure but they each have a unique nose and tongue print.

Besides fingerprints what other print is unique to each individual?


What color is a giraffes tongue and how long is it?

Pink and it depends on each animal.

In a french kiss do people suck each others tongues?

no you don't technically suck on each others tongue. its like when your kissing you or him starts playing with the other person's tongue but you don't actually suck on it

How do you use your tongue when you kiss a girl?

When you lock lips, you start moving your tongue out of your mouth. it will automatically touch her lips and from there you push through her lips and into her mouth. Then you swirl it around and make various movements with it. hopefully she will do the same and not tongue block you, which is when she doesn't know what she is doing so she keeps her tongue in her own mouth. You basically lick the insides of each others mouths and each others tongue. It's very easy once you get started.

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