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if one undergoes an extremely loud noise they can some times become temporarily deaf, and in extreme cases permanently.

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What did Helen Keller come down with?

Scarlet fever. When it suddenly drops you could loes sight and hearing.

How do you give care to a conscious victim that is having trouble breathing?

That would depend on what is causing the trouble breathing or what you suspect could be causing the trouble breathing.

Could you get in legal trouble for having sold marijuana in the past please explain?

You probably are in trouble with the law if you started selling drugs to begin with.

Why is my ferret having trouble drinking water?

he could not be breathing so good take him to the vet

Can someone get pregnant right after they came of their period?

If you had your period, it isn't necessarily your period. You could be having a miscarriage. So even if you did have your period, it could possibly be having trouble caring for your baby and having him die. I'm sorry :/

Can the parents of a pregnant teenager get in trouble?

It is possible that they could get in trouble. If the teenager is under the age of consent, and they knew she was having sex, there could be charges. If they encouraged the relationship, they would be encouraging someone to break the law.

Why does your car shake at around 55mph but not below or above?

could be a problem with your transmision, having trouble shifting

What is wrong when a dog freezes up and has trouble breathing?

He could be having a seizure. Call a vet immediately.

Could you go blind suddenly?

Yes we can suddenly get blind.

Can a man die without having a opportunity to reject christ?

A rather odd question but if he dies suddenly, in an accident for instance, then yes he could.

Why does my dog get spooked and jump or turn his head suddenly for no reason?

Dogs have extremely good hearing, perhaps it a should he or she picked up that was out your hearing range? Or it could be that as you and I have an unexplained pain that makes us jolt. I have heard of the possibility of them seeing or feeling spirits. Maybe its a friendly ghost?

Can a person get in trouble for having sexual relations with a 17 year old?

It will depend on the laws in their jurisdiction. It is possible that they could have violated them.

What are the advantages of having a quiet hair dryer?

Less noise generated by a hairdryer can not only be less irritating, but could actually help preserve your hearing. Noisy hairdryers used over extensive periods of time could damage your hearing, and some models can put out over 90dB of sound, the level at which your hearing can start to become affected.

If a 18 year old girl and a 16 year old boy are having a baby can she get into any trouble?

Big trouble, he is under age and you could spend up to 5 years in prison for it.

What would make a laptop freeze up?

There can be many factors to a laptop freezing, some of them could be a virus, it could be overloaded with stuff. Or you could be watching a show on a website and it could be just having trouble loading.

Will you get in trouble for having a baby with a minor when you file for custody?

That is going to depend on the laws in your jurisdiction. In some places it could be a sexual crime.

What do you do when your puppy's paws and mouth are blue?

I would take it to the vet straight away. It could mean it is having trouble taking in oxygen.

What are the answers to the hatchet hink pink worksheet?

I don't have that worksheet. Perhaps you could ask me some of the examples you're having trouble with.

Can you request a new custody hearing if you found proof the father lied about still having a job to the judge at your custody hearing?

You could file an appeal of the order, I suppose; however, in general false testimony must be rebutted at the time it was offered.

Where could a person finds customer ratings for hearing aids?

A person could find customer ratings for hearing aids on a compare website called compareuk. This website could provide with many customer ratings for hearing aids.

Where do you buy a Preyas?

You could buy a Preyas at Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us. (Stores are having trouble keeping them in stock, though.)

What is cpt code for therapeutic thoracentesis?

I'm still new to billing and coding and am having trouble coding this, if you could help that would be great.

Is hummus safe for pregnant women?

Yes, hummus is safe for pregnant women, although if you are at a stage that you are having trouble with heartburn, it could be a trigger.

Who had the most to gain when African Americans got in trouble for not having a job?

White landowners who could make those African Americans work for them

How are you able to purchase Ambien?

Go to your doctor, and tell them you have trouble sleeping, if you truly are having trouble. They will prescribe a medication they feel will help you, and Ambien could very well be it.If you are not having trouble sleeping and just want to "try" Ambien, I'd suggest you find a new hobby. Taking prescription drugs that you don't need can lead to addiction or death.