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Serious symptoms but non-specific, see your doctor for an exam and blood work.

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What is another word for not having energy?

Lethargic, sluggish, languid

Whats wrong with a dog who is thirsty coughing and lethargic?

He could be having an allergic reaction to something.

Can you become pregnant having adnexa?

Adnexa means the ovaries and tubes. Can't easily get pregnant without them!

The term bankruptcy means?

Bankruptcy refers to having exhausted ones resources and finances.

Your hamster is ill he sneezes sometimes is very lethargic loses balance easily and testicles seem to have shrivled What is wrong?

It is best to seek medical help if a hamster is having that many issues at one time. It could be something as simple as a cold or something that may result in death.

Which of the following sentences best describes the condition of the soldiers?

they were worn and exhausted having slept little and labored much

Can someone become an actor having HIV?

You can become an actor having HIV.

What is the impact of having medical terms that sound and look similarly?

Laypeople easily become confused by this problem. What you do mean by laypeople are confused by this problem? Please explain

What is a sign of postpartum depression?

After giving birth to a child if the mother feels sad, lethargic worthless, guilty and has suicidal thoughts then it can be inferred that she is having postpartum depression.

Which adjective beginning with ex means extremely tired and having no energy?

Exhausted is an adjective that begins with ex and means extremely tired.

What is the meaning of being burned up?

"Burned up" typically refers to a feeling of being out of energy, having exhausted all of your resources.

What are the effects of kidnapping?

Having been a victim, I can assure you it can frighten you silly. You become much more paranoid, thinking all people want to kidnap you. But you can recover easily if you were not injured.

If a man having one testis can he become father?

= "If a man having one testis can he become father?" =

Will an element having high electron affinity ionize easily?

It will not ionize ealily, high electronegativity willionize easily.

How do you beat the elite 4 easily?

By having Awesome Pokemon

What is the definition of skeptical?

Not easily convinced, having doubts or reservations

What are the advantages of having a flexible constitution?

Constitiution can be easily amended

What are the advantage of having parallels and meridians?

to locate places easily

In fist two weeks of pregnancy do you have symptoms?

Yes- being extremely hungry, not having period, exhausted, etc. a.k.a. ask ur doctor

How do you use clique in a group?

Well Cliques are exclusive and don't let people in as easily as a group. If you wanted your group to become a Clique, you wouldn't be able to be as open to having new people join.

What is lyophillic?

Having an affinity for the dispersion medium and thus not easily precipitated.

Why does not having friction make it unsafe to use small rugs on the floor?

If there is no friction between the rugs and the floor, they become large skating objects that can easily dump you on your rear end, possible breaking bones.

How can emotion direct your behavior?

Behavior is directed by emotions easily. A person having weak emotions will not be able to take decisions easily.

How does a girl become excited?

by having sex

What is the purpose of elements to lose or gain valence electrons to become an ion?

they want to become stable by having all of the valence filled they want to become stable by having all of the valence filled