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Q: What could be wrong if your 2 year old has a new lump above his ear that is hard and has had a cronic runny nose on the same side?
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You would like to know what is wrong with goats when they have a runny nose?

You need a vet.

What is wrong with your 1 year old who is pooping very runny?

obviously they have diarhea

Is there something wrong with you if you have a little ball above your knee?

it could be cancer have it checked out

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nothing wrong

What could be wrong with your 5 week old puppies runny nose weakness eating and drinking?

It is not uncommon for puppies to get parvovirus, which can be fatal. If a puppy has lost interest in eating and is weak, you should take it to the vet right away.

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A Polis wrong answer its democratic ( the person above clearly dont know wat they talkinq about )

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As 11.2 is 80% of 14, you would have to get at least 12 questions right to be above 80%, so you could only get 2 questions wrong.

What is wrong if you have a lump right above your left shoulder blade?

A lump on the shoulder blade could be indicative of many things. It could possibly be from an injury or a cyst. It is best to consult your physician.

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The above question is wrong.

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No it's an angle however I could be wrong. No it's an angle however I could be wrong. No it's an angle however I could be wrong.

You just bought a miniature poodle and i m concerned because he has only puped two times but it was runny and today he puped it took him an hour and when he puped it has been runny n had blood spots?

CALL YOUR VET!!!!! This could be a higly dangerous disease called parvo. This disease spreads very easily, so make sure no other dogs come in contact with him until you figure out what is wrong with him.

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Medically there is nothing wrong with it, but a couple of slight benefits. People who ejaculate more often are often times more relaxed, and cumming is a natural antihistamine so it could help with hay-fever (a constant runny nose) and allergies.

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something is wrong haha

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= "What could be wrong with the power steering and breaks are vibrating really bad on 1999 safari what could be wrong?" It started when I pushed on my breaks while in the park position =

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I think it's because you put too much water or coconut jelly or coconut water.

Is it normal for your nose to be runny after cauterization?

I literally just had my nose cauterized. I don't believe there is anything wrong with it as long as you don't blow your nose... it creates pressure in the sinuses.

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