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There is something going on in your brakes (ABS that is) most places do brake checks free of charge. Go to Midas if there is one near you, they are the most honest.

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What could be wrong my dryer work but it doesnt blow hot air?

One thing that could be wrong with the dryer is a bad heating element.

When you plug in your dsi charger and the light will not turn on what is wrong?

Might be that your charger is messed up or you may have plugged it wrong or the charger doesnt work

You feel faint light headed most of the time and you sometimes feel dizzy and sick what could be wrong with you?

The dizziness and light headedness makes references to Vertigo but there are several different possibilities.

How does mental illness relate to crime?

sometimes the mentally ill person doesnt really understand what they are doing is wrong, feel nothing is real so it doesnt matter. sometimes if the crime is very close to symptoms of there illness, they wont be charged, but will be hospitalised.

What could be wrong if the check engine light blinks?

get it checked, because if the ligt blinks, something is wrong.

If degu's don't hibernate what could b wrong with her?

it' possible that nothing is wrong, sometimes they choose not to hibernate, especially when the have adequate food,light and heat, as often happens in captivity, it is not fully understood if this is harmful or not. try reducing the food supply.

Why is the moon not visible every night?

because sometimes the moon is in the wrong position to reflect the sun's light. The sun's light is what makes the moon "light up".

Why does a Vauxhall Cavalier tachometer show the wrong reading and get stuck sometimes?

A tachometer that shows the wrong reading and get stuck sometimes could be caused by faulty wiring between the transmission and tachometer. It could be caused by a defective instrument cluster.

What could be wrong if your swimming pool light goes on by itself?

You probably need to replace the light switch

Is it wrong to love a married man?

Not really because it doesnt matter who you love who knows he could feel the same way

My 2006 Buick stalls sometimes at stop lights, what could be wrong?

Stalling while at a light is often a sign that there is a problem getting fuel into the cylinder. The fuel pump could be faulty, however it is advised that you consult a mechanic for a diagnosis immediately.

What makes questions harmful?

You sometimes could get things wrong that's how it makes the question harmful

What could be wrong New battery but battery light still on?

There could be a sensor wire that is bad or going bad

Which type of radiation travels at the speed of light?

Gamma radiation but I could easily be wrong

What happens if things go down the wrong pipe?

You could choke sometimes but most of the time it is not that severe.

What could be wrong with a kia 2005 sedonna when the brake light and the charge light stay on?

try replacing brake light switch sounds like you have a short in it

Is it wrong to love someone who doesnt love you back?

It's normal. But no... it is not wrong at all.

Why does your action replay freeze when you put in Pokemon white?

because your code could be wrong or it just doesnt work try a different one

Why people become criminal?

Sometimes wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes just wrong friends. Usually because they are stupid.

What could be wrong if you have light green stuff coming out of your vagina?

You could have an STD or an infection. You need to see your doctor asap to be treated.

I have my guy friends number but he doesnt text me back unless I get mad at him Whats wrong?

Sometimes guys just don't like to text. It doesn't mean that he doesn't like you.

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