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What could cause a Chevrolet Cavalier to stop running suddenly?

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sounds like the ignition control module

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There are several things that can cause your 2000 Chevrolet to backfire and die. The most common cause is a plugged catalytic converter.

Normal cause of a belt smoking is that one of the driven pulleys has siezed.

low fluid would cause this or the pump could be going out

Out of Oil Out of Water Out of Gas Dead Alternator

Blown fuse, defective fuel pump relay, or a worn out fuel pump.

it might be a bent piton rod if you or water or somthing into the engine

Yes, and disconnecting the battery while the engine is running can severely damage the computers

check and see if you are getting fuel ,spark and compreesion these are the three main things if you have all of these repost

it can, if you do not exercise beforehand and suddenly apply more force than usual over an extended period of time.

The vacuum lines for a 2000 Cavalier are located all over the engine bay and under the dash. A break in any line can cause rough running.

The engine will run hot. This could lead to a blown head gasket. It may even build pressure and cause damage to the radiator and or hoses.

Had a 1995 Cavalier with a similar problem. It was some type of solenoid on the transmission (automatic). Cost about $500 to replace at the dealer.

Since the Cavalier is out of timing, check the timing gears and belt. It sounds like the belt has slipped and is causing the base problem with the car.

with me it was the o2 censer

I doubt that running out of gas will my the low trac light come on. I own an 02 Cavalier, and the trac light has to do with the amount of traction you have on any given surface. If you know a mechanic I would have them check it out.

that is another name for your turn signal switch cause it has multiple things on it like your wind schield wipers and your cruse control and other things that is why it is the multi function switch It is in the steering wheel.

The camera itself cannot that, but a damaged driver can. Try to reinstalling the driver, if you have just uninstall it completely.

The fuel pressure regulator is bad, one or more fuel injectors is leaking or the check valve in the fuel pump is faulty.

No it will not cause it not to run.

There are several things that can cause your 1995 Chevy Cavalier transmission not to go into drive or reverse. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. A broken shifting fork will also cause the problem.

A loss of hydraulic fluid can cause a serious situation with the mast. It would cause the mast to lower slowly or suddenly. Also if there is a break in the chain that holds the mast at a certain level, it would cause it to fall suddenly.To reduce the pressure in the fuel line , the forklift operator should

Black smoke usually means the engine is running too rich. The fuel/air mixture is incorrect. Blue smoke is oil burning.