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What could cause a battery to leak?

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Usually a battery will leak because of overvoltage, overtemperature or a bad battery cell. L series Saturns came equipped with a battery wrap which tended to cause the battery to overheat. The intent was to protect the rest of the engine compartment from any potential battey leaks, but the unwanted side effect was the heat. Remove the battery wrap and flush the entire area with baking soda mixed with water to remove all of the dried battery acid. Check the voltage when the engine is running. If it's much above 14 VDC at the battery, the voltage is boiling the acid right out. Have the battery tested. If one cell is shorted or damaged it can cause that or other cells to boil over.

2006-07-26 17:47:11
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Q: What could cause a battery to leak?
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Why does auto battery leak after charging?

An auto battery could be leaking for a couple of reasons. The alternator could be overcharging the battery causing the leakage. Or the battery itself could have a short or other internal problem causing it to leak when charging.

What would cause a new battery to leak?

shooting it with a gun

Could your starter cause your battery not to charge?

No, a starter cannot cause a battery to fail to charge. It could cause the battery to discharge quickly.

Would a leak in your coolant system cause your battery to die?

Possibly. Under some circumstances it could cause the battery to short out. If the engine has been running hot for long periods, the heat could damage the battery too. It might also be that the engine has internal damage and the starter is having a problem turning it over.

Can you use a 12 volt charger to charge 9 volt batteries?

No, the charger has to match the voltage of the battery that it is charging. Other wise the battery will be overcharged and will become very hot and could expand and cause the electrolyte in the battery to leak out.

What cause an engine to idle high?

A vacuum leak could cause that.

What could cause a popcorn sound in rear?

An exhaust leak could do that.

Could filling the transmission fluid too high cause a leak?

Yes, that can cause the fluid to foam up and leak out of the vent.

Will a vacuum leak cause the check engine light to come on?

It could.It could.

A good sentence for the word cause?

The cause of the leak could not be found. The rebels fought for their cause.

What could cause a Fuel tank leak on a vw caravelle?

There are several things that can cause your fuel tank to leak. The most common cause is a hole in the fuel tank. A loose fuel line can cause the fuel tank to leak.

What causes battery acid to leak?

Usually a battery will leak because of overvoltage, overtemperature or a bad battery cell.

Is Battery acid leak harmful?

Yes - this is very bad and you should stop using the battery immediately. Battery acid is a very strong acid and can cause severe chemical burns if not handled properly. A battery acid leak means your battery has been damaged and may abruptly stop working.

Does it do any harm to connect a battery charger the wrong way around?

yes it might cause the battery to leak and most probably explode.

What could cause your car to idol high and run rough?

A vacuum leak can cause that.

What happens when you burn a battery?

the battery will leak

How would over tightening a fuel filter cause a leak?

You could strip the threads and cause a leak very easily.

What would cause the battery to not charge even when the alternator tests good on a 93 Mercury Cougar?

the battery could have a dead cell, this could cause it to not charge. Have the battery tested to be sure.

Could bad battery terminals cause a car to not start?

Yes they could be cleaned and battery charged

What is causing your temperature gauge to be in the cold position and radiator fluid to leak?

A low coolant level could cause the temp gauge not to read correctly. A faulty temp gauge sending unit could also be the cause. The coolant leak, you would have to find the source of the leak to determine the cause.

Can laptops leak battery acid?

No they use dry acid if its wet then they will leak out like a car battery.

What happen when you break-open worn out cell phone battery?

There are a number of things that could happen when you break open a worn out cell phone battery. You could have battery acid leak on your hands for example.

What can cause a water leak in a car?

If the leak is by the passenger floor-- could be the heater core check to see if this leak is engine coolant or just water. Could be a leaking windshield seal could be a door seal could be evaporator line is plugged

What would cause a water leak in your 98 Le Sabre?

Where is it leaking from? Could leak from the radiator, hoses, or water pump.

Can installing a new water heater cause a pipe in the shower to leak?

If you have a new pressurised water system there is a possibility that the added water pressure could cause a leak.