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Subluxation could be the cause. It is very important that you visit a Chiropractor to assess the problem. You can get x-rays and a detailed physical of your nervous system, spine, and overall health. A subluxation is when your spine is misaligned which causes either pinched nerves, damaged nerves, damaged discs, etc. Your nerves are like the life line to your organs. If it is pinched or not allowed to function 100%, then it is like pinching a water hose. Everyone can benefit from Chiropractic, especially you at this time.

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It could your sciatic nerve or a pinched nerve in your back. You should see your doctor and then possibly a Chiropractor.

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Q: What could cause numbness on the right side of the head going into your neck when you lie on your left side?
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What could cause numbness in right hand leg and lips?

Pinched nerve.Stroke.

What could cause numbness in your right quadricep?

Pressure on one of the nerves. Maybe a pinched nerve. If it has been going on a more than a few days, I would consult a doctor.

Would a gallbladder attack cause lower leg numbness?

would a gall baldder attack cause pain in my lower abdom days later and numbness in my right leg and right hand

What causes numbness in right side of jaw and numbness down the right side of body?

This could be a stroke! You should go to the emergency room now!

Could pain on right knee cause numbness on big toe?

Hi, Usually it is a nerve compression in the L4-5 Lumbar spine area.

What could numbness in your right arm be causedfrom?

Sounds like a pinched nerve.

If you have numbness of the right arm hand and three fingers with a tight feeling in your entire hand when you clench it what could the cause of this be?

i'ts probably most likely cramp, i would see your local doctor immediatley- the cause could be over excercise or strain of the muscles.

Could a small quarter-sized lump on your back about an inch to the right of the spine cause back spasms leg numbness and sciatic pain?

Yes it can, especially if it is on or near the sciatic nerve.

Left side numbness?

That could be bad. Go see your doctor right away as it could be a sign of heart trouble. People that have heart attacks experience left side numbness, especially in the arm.

Can Adderall cause toe numbness?

Im not sure if it does, but i took 80mg today and I have numbness in some of my finger tips and one of my toes. Not an expert or anything, but my guess is yes.

Pain and mumbness in the right arm?

Pain and numbness in the right arm could be caused by a shortness of blood supply. Nerve damage can also be associated with these symptoms.

What could cause numbness in your right foot?

If you have medical problems please go and see a qualified medical practitioner, (a Doctor), the Internet is not the place for diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions as the diagnosis REQUIRES a full face to face medical examination.