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What could cause slight engine missing when driving to higher altitudes usually 3000 feet?


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2010-02-09 04:09:44
2010-02-09 04:09:44

check the rubber tube next to the the lower intake manifold gasket, there is probably a hole on the underside of the tube coming directly off the engine. (it is a manufacturer defect)


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It is probably missing. Have it tuned up and a compression test run on the engine.

Bad gas, fouled plug(s), engine out of time, vacuum line leak or clogged.

Lift hood. If engine is missing, there will be a large empty space where the engine used to be.

The engine blows. Usually pistons shoot into the engine. In most cases the engine will have to be replaced.

engine rubber mounts or timin out

You may have a timing belt missing a tooth or two, or a worn out timing belt tensioner.

That all depends on the engine you have and the rear gearing.

For an airplane it vibrates a lot and it needs a super- or turbocharger at high altitudes

A flashing engine light is usually a misfire code. Driving with a flashing light means immediate repair you are damaging your catalytic converters or engine. In answer to your question, NO.

Engine to body earth missing, distributor, rotor arm missing, ignition module not connected,

possibly a broken or missing engine mount

Usually a problem in the emission control system-have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

maybe you should try to install some strut bars on top of your engine to hold it in place.

If you drive your truck while there is a miss in the engine. You will notice it lacks power and may back fire.. if continued driving it will eventually just quit running

An aircraft gets thrust from an engine, either a piston engine driving a propeller or a jet driving a turbine.

Why engine stalls on 1993 Chrysler Intrepid while driving and sometimes at stops?

Flat tire, or engine trouble.............

This is mainly because the air/fuel mixture is not set for the higher altitudes. The lower atmospheric pressure at higher elevations means the engine will operate leaner then the ideal air/fuel mixture. If you set a vehicle to operate at only high altitudes then it would run to rich and have less power once you left the mountains. This overly lean condition is also why an engine will overheat more easily at high altitudes. The thinner amount of oxygen of higher altitudes also has a very minor role in having less power.

The engine needs fuel, compression and spark to run, it is missing one of those.

well the amount of cylinders in the engine will usually mean the size of the engine, and when the engine is bigger it usually means that you potentially get worse MPG unless talking about a mix of a gas engine and some sort of hybrid motor and your MPG may very depending on how you drive and if your driving in the city or on the highway as the highway you will get better MPG because you are not always stopping and going

In a vehicle, a driving gear is the gear which is driven by the engine. The driving gear helps control the speed the vehicle is in.

The thermostat is stuck open or missing.

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