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check the rubber tube next to the the lower intake manifold gasket, there is probably a hole on the underside of the tube coming directly off the engine. (it is a manufacturer defect)

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Q: What could cause slight engine missing when driving to higher altitudes usually 3000 feet?
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Why does a car vibrate when started and seems like it hesitates when driving?

It is probably missing. Have it tuned up and a compression test run on the engine.

Engine sputtering and missing while driving on a 1996 Chrysler town and country?

Bad gas, fouled plug(s), engine out of time, vacuum line leak or clogged.

A distrubitor with vacuum advance compensates for varying altitudes?

engine load

On a 2002 Oldsmobile alero 2.2 liter engine how do you diagnose engine missing problem?

Lift hood. If engine is missing, there will be a large empty space where the engine used to be.

Can engine jump out of time while driving normally if so how can that be remedied?

You may have a timing belt missing a tooth or two, or a worn out timing belt tensioner.

What happens when you let a car run out of oil and the car quits running while driving?

The engine blows. Usually pistons shoot into the engine. In most cases the engine will have to be replaced.

Engine shakes while driving and not driving?

engine rubber mounts or timin out

Can noise come from missing oil in car engine?

How much oil is "missing"?

What are diadvantages of a piston engine?

For an airplane it vibrates a lot and it needs a super- or turbocharger at high altitudes

How much gas does a 1965 impala usually take in a month driving in the city?

That all depends on the engine you have and the rear gearing.

Parts of petrol engine missing in diesel engine?

Carburettors and spark plugs.

What is wrong if I lose power in my car while driving the radio goes then the engine shuts down?

Usually a sighn of bad alternator.

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