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You might have a tumor in your pituitary gland called prolactinoma. You should have it checked out by a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. Answer yeah its true, I suddenly started having a 14 day cycle, then I started producing breast milk after my doctor tried to put me on the pill to regulate these 14 day perods. i was later diagnosed with a macro prolactinoma by CT scan and discovery of elevated levels of the hormone prolactin in my blood. I was put on mediation now my periods come every 21 days wich is an improvement.

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Q: What could cause you to have irregular periods for 2 months and leak colostrum but blood tests are negative?
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Consistent irregular periods for more than 5 months and chances to become pregnant?

Having irregular periods does not mean it is the end of the world, only you have to make a better table and monitor your irregular periods to get the best day to have sex.

Could you be pregnant if you usually have regular periods and for the past couple of months it's been irregular?

Maybe. Irregular periods can be caused by many factors. Stress, sickness, are just two factors that could result in irregular periods.

If you had an irregular period then have an negative blood test can you still be pregnant?

there is a possibility just to be sure you should have another test. But women can get irregular periods, its normal. It when you haven't had a period for 6 months that you should consult your doctor...

You been missng your periods for about 6 months now and you have taken over 10 pregnancy test and all are negative what should you do?

You need to go to the doctor's office or you could have irregular periods that's all i can think of

You have been suffering from lower back pain and irregular periods for the last 8 months what can be the cause?

I have been suffering lower back pain on the left side and Irregular periods

You have irregular but you havent had it in months then get some spotting yet a pregnancy test was negative should you take another test if you still have not had your period but you show pregnancy si?

It may be your birth control if you are taking any they cause irregular periods.

Can you be pregnant if you have missed 2 months of periods ... and how likely?

Unless you usually have irregular periods, it's very likely that you're pregnant.

You missed your period for 4.5 months now What is going on?

See your Doctor as you may have irregular periods.

Is it possible to have periods for 3 months have a pregnancy after the 3rd month get negative results and still be pregnant?

If you have had your periods and a negative result, it is unlikely that you are pregnant

Why do you get periods every 3 months?

If you have recently started your periods, or are in the first year or so since it started then your periods may be irregular or late. They should fall into step.

How irregular are your periods for your first year?

You can't really say because everybody is different. But it's usually the first 6 months that will be the most irregular.

Can young girls have periods for six months and then not have a period for 2 months when she has not had sex?

That'd be a bit unusual, but not impossible. Periods are often irregular in the beginning, and stress in particular can upset the schedule.

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