What could cause your eye to be slighty puffy red and seeping fluid?

Sounds like an eye infection. You probably need to go to the doctor and get some drops and or antibiotics. It's probably pink eye! I got it when I came back from the Dominican. My eyes were red, puffy and had oozing stuff. My eye would be glued shut when I woke up in the morning. You can buy eye drops for pink eye from the drug store. If you have ever had a fever blister on your lips, it is possible the virus has moved to the cornea of your eye. See an opthamologist immediately as tears, visine and other drops will only make it worse. The Herpes virus is often imitaing in the early stages and only a trained specialist of the cornea can recognize it. I nearly went blind due to a misdiagnosis of pink eye. ANSWERS Sounds like pink eye, but the type is determined by the fluid the eyes are seeping. If pussy it is bacterial and if watery it is viral, and both are very contagious. If mucus and itchy it is allergic pink eye.