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What could cause your eyes to hurt?

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There could be several contributing factors to eye pain:

  • Your eyes may hurt because you need to sleep
  • Your eyes may not have adjusted to what you are doing
  • It could be an allergic reaction
  • It could be from staring at a computer for too long - try giving them a rest
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Do big screens hurt your eyes?

They can cause your eyes to hurt by straining them if you are sitting too close to them.

Can looking at touch screen cell phones cause migraines?

Yes it could because of the brightness of the phone or iPod it can also cause of your eyes to hurt.

Do contacts hurt your eyes?

they can cause some irritation

Is swimming in a beach bad for your eyes?

It can make your eyes hurt but it won't cause you to go blind

Can super glue hurt you?

It can hurt you, cause it can bond your eyes and skin in seconds, so i would say yes, it can hurt you.

Why does your eyes hurt in sunlight?

Be cause when the sun is in the sky and you look at it you can burn them

What does it mean if my eyes are red but don't hurt?

When your eyes are red and they don't hurt , it means your tired and you could use a long useful sleep.

What do you do when your eyes hurt?

my eyes never hurt

Can you bathe your rat?

Yes, but be careful not to get soap in their eyes. It could hurt.

If you look into a crack baby's eyes could it hurt them?

Are you kidding?!?! Are you kidding?!?!

Will it hurt your eyes if you look at a picture of an eclipse?

No. Looking at a picture of an eclipse will not hurt your eyes. Since it is only a pictures and doesn't produce any blinding light, it will not cause any damage.

Should i tell a costumer if you got shampoo in their dogs eyes?

yes because it could hurt the dogs eyes

Does blood thinner cause bloodshot eye?

no, it would not cause your eyes to be bloodshot. Bloodshot eyes come from inflammation of the conjunctiva (the mucus membranes over your eyes/eyelids). Thinning of the blood could not cause conjunctivitis (bloodshot eyes) unless you have an allergy to that medication that could cause bloodshot eyes (which I would think would be almost impossible).

Will cinnamon hurt your cat if put in cat food?

Cinnamon has been proven not to hurt cats, but in large doses it can hurt the cat in a few ways. If your cat consumed a big amount of cinnamon, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. If it was inhaled for too long, it can cause inflammation in the skin, eyes, and in the respiratory. It can irritate the nose, making them sneeze, and in the eyes, which can make them scratch their eyes.

If your ovaries hurt could you be pregnant?

Yes you can but it can cause problems.

Can alcohol hurt hair?

It could cause hair loss.

Why do eyes hurt?

Your eyes can hurt for a number of reasons. Some people have pain due to not wearing glasses, or even wearing the wrong prescription. Also, things like dirt or an eyelash can get in them and cause pain.

Do E-book readers hurt eyes when used for long times?

If you have a weakness or condition in your eyes which requires medical attention, then using an eBook reader may hurt your eyes if you're using them for long times. If you have healthy eyes, other than your eyes being sore and tired, they shouldn't cause any damage to the eyes.

Can methilphenidate cause hemmorage in the eyes What other things could be the cause of bleeding behind my retina in both eyes?

Methylphenidate has not been known to cause a hemorrhage behind the eyes. Something that can cause bleeding behind the retina in both your eyes is diabetes or a stroke of the eye.

Can crying to much hurt your unborn baby?

The actual act of crying does not hurt anything. If you watch a lot of sad movies, and cry your eyes out, no harm done. However, if you are continuously crying due to real life stress factors, that could be a problem. The sources of tension could cause complications.

How can credit cards hurt you?

if you sharpen it it could cut you and cause you to bleed

If your dog has an ear infection could it cause his eyes to be swollen and also the side of his face?

If your dog has an ear infection it definitely could cause his eyes to be swollen. Infections can travel if not treated.

Why do your eyes hurt when you have a fever?

actually your eyes do not burn when you have a fever but they do hurt when you have a cold or the flu.

Does cataracts hurt?

Do your eyes hurt when you have caterac

Your dog gets poorly eyes every so often becomes a bit sleepy and almost has his eyes shut and also flinches away when you touch him near his eyes what could it be?

the dog could of hurt his eyes that's why it is sleeply and needs to rest