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can be warning of stroke/heart attack

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What would cause your left arm muscle to ache and feel hot and your hand and fingers to feel very tingly?

Your left arm muscle might ache and feel hot if you have carpal tunnel. This could also makes your hand and fingers feel tingly as well.

Why do boys feel tingly inside?

Answer Hormones cause it.

How do you feel when you get rabies?


What would cause left hand foot and face to feel numb and tingly?

A hard hit from the left.

Why does your arm feel tingly?

Your arm may feel tingly because you slept on it wrong and your arm fell asleep. It may also be due to compressed nerves in the back or neck.

Why does it feel tingly after you pee?

Dude you gots a urine infection

Why do your fingers feel tingly?

your fingers feel tingly because the nerves in the fingers are very sensitive and respond to many things you should learn alot about this in middle school and high school

What is tickle massage?

it is where they place stimulators on your back and you feel this tingly sensation.

What does it mean when he says you make him feel warm and tingly?

Well first of all that's REALLY creepy cause no one says that anymore. Second, are you a boy as well?

How do you know if you are horny?

If you are horny, you will feel a tingly sensation in your genitals, and you will have the erge to have sex.

What are red spots on palm of hand that feel tingly?

chicken spots or a zit

The muscles in your right shoulder blades has been hurting and it is causing your right arm to feel numbness tingly feel cold to the bone?

I recommend seeing an orthopaedic Dr. You could have some arthrytis in your bones.

What could cause you to feel heavy all over?

In general, the feeling of heaviness is brought on by having muscle weakness. Depending on whatever is going on, inflammation of muscle tissue is quite possible. Other than that, possibly lack of glucose in the muscle tissue storage.

Your arms and legs feel tingly?

Mine don't. That's called pins and needles.

What does Raynaud's syndrome feel like?

The digit often feels cold, numb, and tingly.

Do you like boys and girls?

If you like boys and girls then you will feel tingly (if u r a girl) arou d some girls then yes if no then no. Same with boys if u r a guy and feel tingly around some guys then yes if no then no.

Why is my Left arm weak heavy tingly numb cold?

You may feel weakness, heaviness and tingling in a limb if you have some nerve impingement. Muscle weakness may do this as well. See a doctor if this does not go away soon.

What does a man feel during sex?

he should feel a tingly, arousing sensation in his penis which, once aroused enough, will ejaculate. -boss-

What would cause your arm to feel sore and like it was being pinched and pulled in the muscle?

it could be a pinched nerve in your cervical spine(neck}. Due to a bulging or herniated disc.

Can a side labret cause lip numbness?

For a short time after it's pierced, it might feel numb or tingly. It's not normal if you've had it pierced for quite awhile and it's still numb.

Why do you feel like bugs are biting you?

like when you feel all tingly on your foot or hands? that is because you are not letting blood go to that part of you body.

Shouldn't I feel sensitivity in my breasts all the time if I am in my 5th week of pregnancy?

In my opinion you very well could. Mine were more tingly than sore but it happened very quickly.

Why do you feel dead inside?

I do not, but depression could cause this.

How does an over-extension of a muscle feel?

The over-extension of a muscle might feel like burning or pain in the muscle. After the exercise, the muscle can feel sore or even swollen.

What will happen to a muscle in the body when its nerve supply is destroyed or badly damaged?

When a nerve supply is destroyed or badly damaged in a muscle it can cause the muscle to not feel any touch. This can lead to further damage.