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Type your answer here... if i have lower Back pain and lower stomach pains and gassy alot does that mean i could be pregnant??

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Q: What could it mean to have lots of gas bloating lower back pain?
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What does it mean when you are spotting brown blood and have lower back pain?

This may be brought on buy ovulation and an increase in such things such as progesterone promoting the concentration of melanin in areas of the back, and the ovulation could possibly contribute to lower back pain.

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Iam suffering from tiredness sickness high emotions and lower stomach cramps?

could be lots of things. . .possible pregnancy symptons or PMS, but possibly lots of other things too. visit the doctor if you are worried.

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Bloating can or may not be a sign of pregnancy. You may be very close to having your monthly period, which often causes bloating, or you may may be experiencing a bit of weigh gain. However, if you miss your period out of your normal expectant time every month, for atleast one month missed, you should take a pregnancy test. In the early days of pregnancy such as one to two months, expectant mothers usually have lots of cravings and then slip back thereafter to regular amounts until about 20 weeks gestation. So there are many answers actually to this question. Hope it was helpful!

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Why would you have minor cramping and severe lower back pain when 4 weeks pregnant?

You should go to the ER or your doctor ASAP. Cramping in early pregnancy is very normal because everything is stretching out, but it shouldn't be bad cramps and with the severe lower back pain that could mean you are having a miscarriage. Please go to the ER or your doctor ASAP