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It sounds a whole lot like Rheumatoid Arthritis, sometimes called RA. Google it and see if your symptoms are similar and if they are, see a doctor or RA specialist immediately. Quick intervention is key to stopping joint deterioration before it causes permanent damage and eventually deformation of the joints. My very healthy 61 year old mom suffered seemingly unconnected pains in her shoulders, neck, hips, feet & hands for 5 years prior to diagnosis. Initially, due to her problems gripping things, such as a coffee cup, she was diagnosed with regular arthritis and told to take Tylenol. Luckily, she didn't give up and was finally correctly diagnosed 5 years later. Hers was still considered mild when it was diagnosed and with treatment - steroids, then a monthly infusion similar in style but not drug to chemotherapy and methotrexate (not fun but necessary) she is almost pain free for 2 years now. She has to take a monthly Humira injection and stay on top of it, watch her stress levels because stress can cause the deterioration to begin again but it is effectively in "remission".

On the other hand my brother in law who was a lifelong heavy drinker was diagnosed shortly after he developed pain, he received similar treatment. Due to the nature of the medications for RA he was told he must stop drinking, he did not, he developed scerosis (sp) of the liver which was imminent anyway due to his lifestyle but the RA treatment helped it along, he survived less than a year and died two weeks before his 51st birthday from advanced liver cancer. Moral of the story, DO NOT DRINK with RA drugs!!

I wish you good luck in finding a correct diagnosis, please do not construe my answer as definitive medical advice, as I am only relating my experiences with RA which seems similar to what you are describing.

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Severe pain is on the right shoulder joint which specialist should you go?

If it is only the joint, you would find an orthopedic doctor who specializes in shoulders.

Joint found in hips and shoulders?

ball an socket joint

What type of joint is in human shoulders?

Ball and socket joint

What is a sentence using the word joint?

Im having joint pain in my shoulders

Your shoulders and hip are examples of what kind of joint?

Both are a ball and socket type of joint.

Where can a ball and socket joint be found?

The shoulders and the hips.

Why does the shoulder joint have the greatest range of motion?

Because the shoulder joint is formed from a ball-and-socket joint which is the only multiaxial joint (this joint is found in the shoulders and hips.)

Where is the pivot in the body?

The human body has two pivot joints. One is in the shoulders as the glenohumeral joint, and the other is in the hip as the iliofemoral joint. Other than that I do not know what else could be considered a pivot.

Where is the ball-and-socket joint in the body?

The hips and shoulders

What joint is in the knee and shoulders?

knee is patella and shoulder is scapulla

What part in your body is a ball and socket joint?

shoulders, hips ,and knees

What is an example of Ball and Socket Joint?

Shoulders and hips. Perfect examples.

What muscle allows you to move your shoulders forward and back?

glenohumeral joint

What joint allows full movement that are in your shoulders and knees?

Synovial Joints

Is a ball-and-socket joint used by the shoulders and hips?


What joint is found in the knees and shoulders that allows full movement?


Which of your movable joints are ball-and-socket joint?

Hips, and shoulders are two of them.

What is the structure of the ball and socket joint?

The structure of the ball and socket joint is :-in this joint the one end of the bone fits into the other (socket) .This joint allows movement in all directions. It is present in our hips and shoulders.

Give a example of ball and socket joint?

shoulders,arms,hips, and thighs/femur

How many number of ball and socket joint in human body?

4, shoulders & hips.

What is a ball and socket joint?

A ball and socket joint is a joint that can move all around, the joint is not limited to move in a certain way. For example a ball and socket joints on your body include; your shoulders, your ankels, & your wrists.

Can low vitamin B12 cause severe joint pain?


What joint are find in knees and shoulders?

The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint, in which the ball at the end of the humerus attaches to the socket in the scapula, while the knee is a plane joint, where the patella slides above the femur, tibia, and fibula.

Is the neck and spine two examples of a ball and socket joint?

No, the only examples of ball and socket joints I can think of in the human body are the shoulders and hips. The joint at the apex of the neck is a pivot joint.

Where is the movable joint found?

Hmmm, lets ee. Elbows, shoulders, knees, fingers, toes....