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Either you dont bathe reguarly...or you have exima

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Q: What could small red itchy bumps be that are located on the arm?
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What could explain small itchy bumps that appear on the skin after scratching?


What could small red and pearly white bumps that are not itchy on the inner thigh be?


What are small itchy bumps on your thigh?

Small itchy bumps on your thigh are likely just heat rash. This should go away if you do not scratch it.

Small red itchy bumps?

It sounds like a rash.

How do you get rid of small itchy bumps on your body?

Ask your doctor about it.

What could be the cause of hundreds of tiny white non-itchy bumps on your arms and legs that seem to be spreading daily with a few red bumps that have small scabs on them?


What could cause just a few small flesh colored slightly itchy bumps on your elbows and forearms?

some bad shizznitt

Small red itchy red bumps on feet and on lower back?


What are small itchy bumps on face back and chest?

ye nans bummmmmmm

Small bumps located on the endoplasmic reticulm?

Ribosomes are small "bumps" located on the rough endoplasmic reticulum.

What could explain small itchy bumps on the bottom of your feet?

This could be caused by a fungus, and might be helped by a an antifungal ointment or powder such as Tinactin or Undecylenic acid cream.

How do you get rid of small itchy bumps on legs?

u mite wanna c a doctor about that....gross...

What would cause small red itchy bumps after being in lake water only up to the ankles?

Your skin could be irritated from the bacteria that's in the water.

What STD consist of a small cluster of itchy bumps that can be pop like a pimple on your geni tal area?

If it is a STD it could be one of several such as LGV or Herpes.

What does small red itchy bumps on the back of your tongue mean?

well you might wanna ask your dentist but don't itch the bumps it will hurt a lot

What are these small itchy bumps on the inside of your thigh by my balls They are very itchy and red?

This can be caused by many things, including an fungus or even a heat rash. It could also be caused by over washing with harsh soaps or hot water.

What is small bumps located on the endoplasmic?


What could small red bumps be?

Small red bumps on the skin could be signs of rashes or measles. It could also be a precursor to acne problems.

Should a women be concern if she has small itchy bumps on her vagina?

Yes you should be concerned if this is the case. It could be something minor like thrush. But this is best to checked out by the doctor for a test as it could be genital warts.

What could a small group of purplish-red bumps on your inner-upper thigh be?

I had red bumps on my thighs when i started gaining weight. They were really itchy. When i stopped gaining weight, I ended up with stretch marks. I think those bumps are just the skin that is stretching out.

What does hives look like?

it has lots of small red bumps that are itchy and chave and have red irritated skin surrounding them

What is this random itchy red rash that flakes and seems to have small bumps on your face neck and upper arm?


Small bumps located on the endoplasmic reticulum?


What is small bumps located on the endoplasmic reticulum?


What would cause small itchy bumps in a circular pattern on your body?

This could be caused by a fungal infection, most commonly called ringworm. You will need an anti fungal in order to get rid of this.