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you could go out for dinna, go on holiday, go some where?

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Can humans do anything about the decline of the snow leopard?

Not Really apart from stop the hunting and start breeding them in captivity

What can a bin pet do in binweevils?

It can do a lot of cool tricks and you can take it places but apart from that you cant really do anything else with them.

What are the traditions for El Natalicio de Benito Juarez?

Benito Juarez' Birthday is celebrated as a national holiday. A few political functions happen on this day; apart from that, not much public celebration can be seen on this day.

Why is Easter apart of the church year?

Easter is the celebration of Jesus' death and resurrection.

How is Natalicio de Benito Juarez celebrated in Mexico?

Benito Juarez’ Birthday is celebrated as a national holiday in Mexico. Few political functions happen on this day, apart from that not much public celebration can be seen on this day

What does F5 stand for?

It doesn't really stand for anything, apart from the F for Fujita scale. 5 is the highest on that scale for tornado intensity.

Where is El Natalicio de Benito Juarez celebrated?

All throughout Mexico; Benito Juarez's Birthday is celebrated as a national holiday. A few political functions happen on this day; apart from that, not much public celebration can be seen on this day.

Why do dogs eat anything?

They dont have many tasebuds! They only have a couple of different tastes and after that they cant really tell one thing apart from the other so they just eat anything.

Is Christmas a similar celebration in New Zealand?

Yes, apart from the fact that December is summer down there.

What happens if you have too much vitamin c?

I don't really think anything happens, apart from you having really hard bones, you'll also be very immune to bone cancer or diseases.

If you really love someone does your love succeed?

Yes of coarse it does true love does not go away no matter how far apart or anything. True love is for ever.

What are diamonds used for apart from jewelry?

The aren't really used for anything but jewellery, sometimes they are used for decoration etc... But jewellery is the main thing that Diamonds are used for.

Where do you get a translation from Samoan to English apart from buying anything?

"Apart from buying anything" translates to "E ese mai i le fa'atauina o se mea"

Did Vincent van Gogh do anything apart from a painter?


Occasions where music would be apart of family's in Africa?

I would think any cultural celebration, usually involving the community.

What do terrier and German shepherd have in common?

There isn't anything really apart from they still have the same skeleton and both live the same ways and need food and water to survive.

Is it possible to train your dog not to eat your hamster?

Yes, you can train a dog to do or not to do almost anything. <><><> However, the training can be really tough- on the hamster. Best bet- keep them apart.

Why are insects good for snakes?

They're not really ! Snakes don't eat insects (apart from one species that eats termites) and insects don't do anything special for snakes.

How did kaibas hair trun from green to brown?

It didn't really, apart from it being a design change. The mini-series with a green haired Kaiba is non-canon, apart from anything the main series references. The whole character of Seto Kaiba was redesigned.

What can you carry in flight bag?

anything really! apart from bombs and sharp things and you have to keep lipgloss and creams in a receilable bag xx sorry for any spelling mistakes x

How do you grow your hair as quick as possible?

Apart from mating sure that you are eating healthily, there really isn't anything you can do to speed up hair growth. The body will do its thing, at its own pace.

Where did Andrea bocelli he meet his fiance?

Andrea and Veronica met at a mutual friend's birthday party. Neither of them really wanted to go but they went home together and have never been apart since!

Does density have to do with anything about the layers?

Yes, it keeps them apart by people.

Why is text important to christians?

because without the text they would not really have anything to believe, they pretty much live there faith through the of words of other people and want they saw millions of years ago. there is no really proof apart from the text!

Did the red sea really spread apart?


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