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Look down, don't look in the eye.

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Q: What counter did guy think against Kakashi's sharingan?
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What is wrong with sasuke's eyes?

i think you mean he has the mangekyo sharingan or the sharingan

How do you uuse Mangeyko Sharingan with Kakashi in Rev 3?

Press Down+B or Down+A. Also, I think you need to be at 10% health, or it's a counter jutsu.

Who is more power full Uzumaki or Uchiha?

i 'll say uchiha because they got nice sharingan and think about sharingan power...

What is tobi's jutsu?

Tobi (Madara Uchiha) uses the sharingan on his left eye. Some people think its obito because his sharingan is on his left eye like kakashi, but kakashi has sharingan on the right side.

Does kurenai have sharingan?

I think so she has the red in and the line around her pupil but she dosent appear to have any tomoe an active sharingan requires at least 1.

Where does danzo get his sharigan from?

i don't know,and i don't think he gets sharingan

Who is kakASHIS DAD?

i think kakashis dad is pian or guyERNT!!! wrong answer it is the white fang of konoha people say he got killed but if you read naruto vol. 22 (first part) it will explain who is his dadwhat the... him and guy are the same freakin age and pain whats wrong with you

Why does Sasuke think that Kakashi killed his family?

becauze he have obito's sharingan eye.

Can you get sharingan eye surgery?

I've heard of it but I don't think it's true. Or is it?

Can you get the sharingan for you're anbu in Naruto path of the ninja 2?

I never tried it but I think you can.

How do you say spiral eye in Japanese?

Honestly speaking i think it's Sharingan but yupp

How do you unlock zabuza in Naruto shippuden clash of the ninja revolution 3?

I don't think you can I unlocked every character but three but witch shadow is kakashis in anbu form