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What countries can be found in Sweden?


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Sweden is a country. There are no other countries in Sweden.

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Sweden is itself a country. There are no other countries in it.

It is found in these European countries, Sweden, Finland, inland Norway, the Scottish Highlands and Russia.

No. Sweden and France are two seperate countries. They are not even neighbouring countries.

Sweden is bordered by Finland, which is to the east of Sweden, and Norway, which is to the west of Sweden.

No. Sweden and Norway are neighboring countries.

No, Norway and Sweden are separate countries.

what are the mineral in Sweden

SwedensweedenSwedenSwedenSweden and others. but i dont know them....-_-"

Sweden and Norway. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland formed the nordic countries

Yes, the countries of Sweden and Norway form the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Sweden is a country, and countries aren't usually spoken about as owned. If you push it, Sweden is owned by the citizens of Sweden.

Sweden is a country, so only one.

Sweden is an independent country. But Sweden is a part of Nordic, Scandinavia and Europe.

The neighboring countries to Sweden are Norway and Finland by land, and the Russian Federation, the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany and Denmark by water.

Sweden And Finland. Sweden and Finland

Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries.

No, as in most civilized countries, incest is illegal in Sweden.

Sweden shares borders with Norway and Finland.

The US, Russia, China, Brazil and Canada are among the countries that are bigger than Sweden.

There are only three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. However, there are five Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

No, Denmark and Sweden are countries. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.

silicon was found in Sweden

2 countries border Sweden, Norway and Finland. Unless you count Denmark to the south it's 3. Denmark doesn't border Sweden though.

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