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What countries celebrate Christmas other then December? Or What countries don't Celebrate Christmas at all?

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Q: What countries celebrate Christmas other then December?
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How do people in other countries celebrate their Christmas?

Most countries celebrate christmas, but Asians celebrate christmas other way.

What happen in Spain December 28?

the people in Spain celebrate what would be Christmas to eople in the USA and other countries although in different parts of Spain they celebrate Christmas on December 25

When does Germany celebrate christmas?

People in Germany still celebrate Christmas on 25 December, just as people in most countries do. However, many German people (and people of German descent in other countries) have extensive celebrations on Christmas Eve, on 24 December.

On what other dates did US celebrate Christmas?

December 25 should be the only day we celebrate Christmas

What day do New Zealanders celebrate Christmas?

People in New Zealand celebrate Christmas on the same day as people from other countries do, and that is on 25 December. This happens to coincide with New Zealand's summer season.

When do nordic countries crelebrate Christmas?

Nordic countries celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December. Days before that preparations for food, decorations, and shopping for gifts occur. This is like the festivities in other parts of the world.

When does Canada celebrate Christmas?

Canada celebrates Christmas the same day every other country does. We have Christmas Eve on December 24, and then Christmas (Christmas Day) on December 25.

When in Wales do they celebrate Christmas?

The Welsh celebrate Christmas at the same time as all other parts of the world that use the Gregorian Calendar, on 25th December.

Does Ukraine have have Christmas?

well, yes but not technically. you see, like any other country they have their own traditions for this holiday. yes, we have Christmas as all the other countries but we celebrate it in much different way and on the 7th of January because we mostly are Greek catholics and Roman catholics celebrate it on the 25th of December. For more about traditions of celebrating go to "how people celebrate Christmas in Ukraine"

What country does not celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey?

countries who don't celebrate Christmas - prehaps other religion places e.g - India

When do the Canadians celebrate Christmas?

Canadians celebrate Christmas on December 25, the same day as every other country celebrates Christmas. Christmas Eve is on the 24th and different families open presents at different times.

When is Christmas in Romania?

Christmas in Romania is celebrated on the 25th of December,like in most other countries. :)

When do dutch people celebrate Christmas?

When it is Christmas and that is the 24th, 25th and 26th of December. Most dutch people don't celebrate Christmas with presents, but give presents to each other on "Sinterklaas" which is the 5th of December ("Pakjesavond") and the 6th (the actual birthday of "Sinterklaas")

Why do they celebrate Christmas in the United Kingdom?

For exactly the same reason as they celebrate it in other countries - supposedly to remember the birth of Jesus Christ.

How do people in Hong Kong people celebrate Christmas?

The same way they do in most other countries.

How do Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus?

It's called Christmas, which means "Christ's Mass". It's a holiday that most Christians celebrate on December 25, although there are other Christians who celebrate Christmas on other days during the year. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

Does Argentina have Christmas?

yes on the 25 of December like many other countries

What day is Christmas celebrated is Switzerland?

December 25 as with most other countries.

Do people celebrate Christmas?

Most people in the USA do celebrate Christmas. In other places some people celebrate it different. So people do celebrate Christmas! Some with Santa and some with other things! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Why do the Netherlands celebrate Christmas?

The Dutch celebrate Christmas because most of the Dutch are christians (protestant and catholic), so they celebrate Christmas like in all christian countries. The Dutch people are less religious then American or English. They don't celebrate it because they believe in God. Most of the time they don't get any gifts, but lately they get them because it is in other countries.

Do Indian religious people celebrate Christmas?

Those that are Christian celebrate Christmas and those of other religions do not celebrate it.

Does Mexicans celebrate Christmas?

First of all it is Do Mexicans Celebrate Christmas. Yes they do we celebrate Christmas a lot different than other people.

When was the first Christmas celebrated in Japan?

japan does not celebrate Christmas they celebrate some other holiday like Christmas

What do other religions do to celebrate Christmas?

Other religions don't celebrate Christmas. However, some people from other religion might exchange gifts etc, just because they like to. # They do not celebrate christmas

Why do Asians not celebrate Christmas?

Asian countries generally do not have a lot of Christians in their populations and have other religious beliefs. Since Christmas is considered a Christian holiday, it is not celebrated widely in Asian countries.