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Canada is a country where most of the population are followers of the Christian faith. Christmas in Canada is celebrated by holidays from work, attending church services, decorations in homes and public buildings and the exchange of gifts.

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Most countries celebrate christmas, but Asians celebrate christmas other way.

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instead of stockings I THINK they have shoes NOT SURE

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many ways

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Q: How do people in other countries celebrate their Christmas?
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What countries celebrate Christmas other then December?

What countries celebrate Christmas other then December? Or What countries don't Celebrate Christmas at all?

How do people in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas?

The people of Hong Kong celebrate Christmas by going to mass, exchanging gifts, setting up Christmas trees, etc. The same as most people who celebrate Christmas.Disclaimer: Not everybody who celebrates Christmas is a Christian.

What do people get for each other in Hanukkah for Christmas?

This question makes no sense. It sounds like you're asking what to get people (who celebrate Hanukkah) for Christmas. People who celebrate Hanukkah do not want Christmas presents. They do not celebrate Christmas.

Do Italian people go anywhere for Christmas?

Italian people sometimes travel to other countries to visit family on Christmas, but it is normal to spend Christmas at home in Italy. Many people travel to Italy to celebrate Christmas as well.

What do other people celebrate for Christmas?

jews- haneekah

What kind of people celebrate Christmas?

Most Christians. People who are not Christians have other traditions.

Do people celebrate Christmas?

Most people in the USA do celebrate Christmas. In other places some people celebrate it different. So people do celebrate Christmas! Some with Santa and some with other things! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Why does Ireland celebrate Christmas longer?

Christmas in Ireland is the same length as it is in every other country. It is 12 days. People tend to stop celebrating only after a few days, and that is the same in Ireland as it is in other countries. So Ireland doesn't really celebrate Christmas any longer than any other country.

How did poor people celebrate Christmas in Victorians?

celebrated like any other Christmas.

Can other celebrate Christmas?

Of course other people can celebrate christmas. Christmas is a tradition, and it is more and more celebrated by christians and atheists alike. Christmas has become much more of a family thing as opposed to a religious thing.

How did people celebrate Christmas in 1900s?

like any other time

What country ironically does not celebrate thanksgiving?

countries who don't celebrate Christmas - prehaps other religion places e.g - India