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Most countries celebrate Christmas, but Asians celebrate christmas other way.

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2011-12-15 23:05:16
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Q: How do people in other countries celebrate their Christmas?
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What countries celebrate Christmas other then December?

What countries celebrate Christmas other then December? Or What countries don't Celebrate Christmas at all?

When does Germany celebrate christmas?

People in Germany still celebrate Christmas on 25 December, just as people in most countries do. However, many German people (and people of German descent in other countries) have extensive celebrations on Christmas Eve, on 24 December.

How do people in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas?

The people of Hong Kong celebrate Christmas by going to mass, exchanging gifts, setting up Christmas trees, etc. The same as most people who celebrate Christmas.Disclaimer: Not everybody who celebrates Christmas is a Christian.

What day do New Zealanders celebrate Christmas?

People in New Zealand celebrate Christmas on the same day as people from other countries do, and that is on 25 December. This happens to coincide with New Zealand's summer season.

Do Indian religious people celebrate Christmas?

Those that are Christian celebrate Christmas and those of other religions do not celebrate it.

What happen in Spain December 28?

the people in Spain celebrate what would be Christmas to eople in the USA and other countries although in different parts of Spain they celebrate Christmas on December 25

What do people wear on Christmas in India?

people who are christian/catholic in India celebrate Christmas other Hindu or Sikh people don't celebrate Christmas

Does Mexicans celebrate Christmas?

First of all it is Do Mexicans Celebrate Christmas. Yes they do we celebrate Christmas a lot different than other people.

What do people get for each other in Hanukkah for Christmas?

This question makes no sense. It sounds like you're asking what to get people (who celebrate Hanukkah) for Christmas. People who celebrate Hanukkah do not want Christmas presents. They do not celebrate Christmas.

Do Irish people celebrate Christmas?

Irish people celebrate Christmas. They put up decorations and trees, buy presents, eat Christmas dinners, go to parties, go to religious services and so on, similar to what is done in many other countries.

Do Italian people go anywhere for Christmas?

Italian people sometimes travel to other countries to visit family on Christmas, but it is normal to spend Christmas at home in Italy. Many people travel to Italy to celebrate Christmas as well.

What do other religions do to celebrate Christmas?

Other religions don't celebrate Christmas. However, some people from other religion might exchange gifts etc, just because they like to. # They do not celebrate christmas

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