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The people of Hong Kong celebrate Christmas by going to mass, exchanging gifts, setting up Christmas trees, etc. The same as most people who celebrate Christmas.

Disclaimer: Not everybody who celebrates Christmas is a Christian.

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The same way they do in most other countries.

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Q: How do people in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas?
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How do hong kong celebrate christmas?

By Dancing

What British territory was captured on Christmas day 1941?

Hong Kong was a British colony. On December 25, 1941 Great Britain surrendered Hong Kong to Japan. The people of Hong Kong called it Black Christmas.

When does Hong Kong celebrate Christmas?

Hong Kong celebrates Christmas Day on the 25th December as in the West. Christmas is very big in Hong Kong with large Christmas displays in all the major stores. New Years Eve is celebrated on the 31st December but the main celebration comes in late January or early February when the whole island celebrates Chinese New Year.

When did the battle of Hong Kong take place?

The Battle of Hong Kong took place on the 8-25th December 1941. Hong Kong surrendered to the Japanese on Christmas day, that day was known as the 'Black Christmas'

What is traditional Chinese Christmas dinner?

Eating custom in Hong Kong is similar with Canton.Porridge - one of the essential main foods in Hong Kong. A bowl of porridge may be cooked with many fresh materials. Most tastes of Hong Kong style porridge are seafood style.Ricenoodle - ricenoodle carries lots of Hong Kong people's childhood memories. Sitting in a stand along the road and have a bowl of seafood taste ricenoodle is a common sence in Hong Kong street.Noodle - No matter stir-fry noodles or strnched noodles is the essential cuisine on the table of Hong Kong people's morning tea.Rice - There is a sentence said "Hong Kong people may not be joyful when miss a meal of rice".As a food paradise in the world, there may be not a specified food for Hong Kong people to eat during the Christmas time. Most of families in Hong Kong may choose to eat in a famous local restaurant.Besides the food mentioned above, Hong Kong people also prefer western cuisines such as French dishes, Italian dishes, etc...

How do you you say merry Christmas in Hong Kong?

I suppose you mean the Cantonese version of Merry Christmas (since most people in Hong Kong speaks Cantonese) "Sing Daan Fai Lok!" (Merry Christmas!)

What is the formal name of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is officially recognized as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. However, "Hong Kong" and "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" are also accepted.

Does people want Hong Kong to be polluted?

No, people do not want Hong Kong to be polluted. Pollution can have negative impacts on public health, the environment, and quality of life. There are efforts being made to reduce pollution in Hong Kong through government regulations, community initiatives, and public awareness campaigns.

What happened in Hong Kong in 1941?

Japan attacked Hong Kong on 8 December, 1941. The battle ended on Christmas day.

When was People Power - Hong Kong - created?

People Power - Hong Kong - was created in 2011.

Why is Hong Kong one of the world's freest markets?

This is because people in Hong Kong live well!

How do you say Christmas in Hong Kong?

hold on she is trying to right it