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What countries did Germany and Japan conquer in World War 1?

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You got the war wrong..... IT was World War 2

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How many countries did German want to conquer?

Germany wanted to conquer the world.

Why did the World War 2 occur?

Germany wanted to conquer Europe. Japan wanted to conquer Asia (and the Pacific).

Why were the United States and Japan enemies in World War 2?

Japan wished to conquer other countries and was allied to Germany who wished to do the same. Both went against US policies.

What is the problem in World War 2?

What the problem was in world war 2 Germany,Japan,and Italy wanted to conquer the world mostly Germany.

Name some countries that were your enemies during world war 11?

Italy japan and Germany Italy japan and Germany

In world war 2 what were Nazi Germany and japan fighting over?

The territory of their neighbors. Nazi Germany, Italy & Japan were consumed with the desire to conquer & enslave their neighboring nations.

What countries in japan were involved with World War 2?

Umm there are no countries in Japan because japan is a country. But japan was a part of the axis powers which included Italy Germany and japan.

What countries were allied with japan in world war 2?

Germany & Italy were allied to Japan in WWII.

Why did Germany take over other countries?

Hitler knew germany needed more living spacesand he wanted to conquer the world

Did japan lose world war 1?

Japan did not participate in World War I. It was mostly European countries that did include Germany.

Did Japan have allies in World War 2?

Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

Which countries where opponents in world war 2?

Some were Germany,Italy,and Japan.

Which countries were our enemies during world war ii?

Germany, Japan and Italy...............................

What countries were the world powers in World War 2?

Germany, England, Russia, USA, and Japan

What countries were axis in World War II?

The major countries that were Axis in WWII are Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who were the 2 main countries in World War 2?

japan and germany where the two main countries in ww2

What countries did Germany attack in ww1 and World War 2?

in world war 2 Germany attacked japan in hiroshima and nagasaki

Who the heck is Hitler?

he was a man in world war 2 that led the Germans and Germany to conquer and invade other countries.

How did imperialism lead to World War 2?

Japan trying to conquer and annex China. Italy trying to conquer and annex Ethiopia. Germany trying to conquer and annex much of Europe. That is essentially what led to WWII.

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