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Yes, Japan was allies with the Axis countries, which were Germany and Italy.

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No, the Philippines were allies of USA

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

No, the United States and Japan were not allies. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and that is the reason the United States entered the war.

Mentos Ninja we aren't allies with Japan

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2; together with Italy they formed the Axis powers

World War 1: The UK, and Japan. World War 2: The UK, and Russia.

Italy and Japan both became allies with Hitler's Germany in World War 2

Japan did not surrender to Germany in WW 2. Japan and Germany were both waging war on the US and the Allies of the US. Japan surrendered to the Allies on 15 August 1945.

Japan as on the Axis side during WWII.

China was with the allies as it had been invaded by Japan.

The allies of Great Britain, Russia, United States and other countries won World War 2 by defeating Germany and Japan.

In World War 1 2 allies of the United States of America where the United Kingdom, France, others include... Japan and Russia. In World War 2 allies of the United States of America where the United Kingdom and Russia Canada was another. Thank You, S.M.P.H.

Germany, Italy, Japan and Hungary/Austria.

they waz Germany , Italy , France and japan.

Germany's allies during WWII were Italy and Japan. They were known as the Axis powers.

Allies - USA, UK USSR and France Axis - Germany, Italy and Japan

The Allies, being the Soviets, the british, and the U.S mainly were a focused on defeating Germany & japan

The Allies were on the opposing side of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.)

If you mean who Germany's allies were. Japan, Austria, and spain were their biggest allies.

Italy, Japan, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Italy, Japan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

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