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Neutral countries such as Spain and Norway (not sure it might be sweden or both) were often targets for refugees because there was no fighting going on there.

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Q: What countries did evacuees in world war 2 go?
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What was school like during World War I?

Kids continued to attend school during World War 1. In countries that had compulsory education before the war, nearly all kids continued to go to school. In many countries education was compulsory only up to age 14 or in some cases, only 13.

How were evacuees picked by the families that took them?

The evacuees would be picked by the family. They would go down to the station and check the kids' ID, clothes and gender and then they would take the chosen child home.

Why did Germany go into war with Japan in World War 2?

Germany and Japan were allies during World War 2. They were not at war with each other.

What was at stake in World War 1?

packsBasically world war I was caused by the assassination of one man who is the archduke Ferdinand of Austria and due to the political issues that that caused it made certain countries go to war with one another that were already tense with relations and as those countries went to war there were secret pacts amongst them and other countries like England and France which then brought them into the war and nobody knew about these secret agreements. So all of a sudden the next thing everybody knew all these countries were declaring war on each other and nobody really knew that there was all these secret agreements. It was a major issue so the real cause really was opportunism and assassination and secret pacts

What was the purpose of the policy of appeasement by France and britatin during the 1930?

These countries believed if they did not confront the Italian and German armies, the problem of these countries invading sovereign would go away. The democratic nations of Europe were not looking for another European/world war.

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When did evacuees in world war two go home?

All the time

What did a World War 2 evacuees name tag say?

Where they were to go

What country was most common for evacuees to go to in World War 2?


Did evacuees of world war 2 go to school?


Was shropshire yoused in a spiacial way in the World War 2?

Shropshire was used for evacuees to go

Where did evacuees not go in World War 2?

They did not go to big industrial towns or ports ( places likely to be bombed for obvious reasons).

Where did Bristol evacuees go World War 2?

Many were sent to Ilfracome in Devon. I was one of them. Norm Matthews.

Did evacuees in world war 2 go to New Zealand?

Yes my mother and her brother were evacuated to New Zealand when they were aged 9 and 11.

When did the evacuees go?

The evacuees were evacuated on the 3rd of September 1939

Why did other countries go to war in World War 1?

because of economic treatys other countries were forced to after Germany used the assasination of archduke ferdinad as a reson to go to war.

Where can you learn about how and why different countries became involved in World War 2?

Go to a search web site and type world war info

What countries will go to world war 3?

Russia.USA.Germany.Israel.China. I vote that USA and Germany will win.