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What countries do not celebrate the New Year?


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Every developed country celebrates January 1 as the New Year to some capacity. Although the New Year of this date is of Roman pagan origin, the spread of the Gregorian calendar and the Christian Era (of which it is now 2011) has resulted in almost every country celebrating January 1 as the beginning of the new worldwide-accepted calendar year.


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many but many of the countries celebrate it on a different day to England

It is not a certain number of countries who celebrate the Lunar New Year. Any country with a significant Chinese population celebrates the Chinese new year.

Russia and New Zealand are the first countries to celebrate New Year. Guam Is the first U.S. territory to ring in the New Year. Guam is where America's day begins!!

China is the main example of a country that does not celebrate the New Year on the first of January.

Chinese New Year is celebrated by China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan . Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines where there is dense chinese population also celebrate the New Year!

Most countries celebrate the new year in some manner. It may not be a legal holiday, but I have no knowledge of and cannot find a major country who does not celebrate or at least recognize the new year.

I just don't think so because we have different timezones.. So, all countries sharing the same timezones celebrate new year at the same time... __________ No. Those who follow the Gregorian calender celebrate the new year at the time designated by their time zone. Other countries (such as China) celebrate at different times, according to their own calenders.

Yes, they do celebrate New Year.

it is to celebrate the new year !

Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year because it is a new year.

They celebrate for the same reason anyone else does - It's a ceremony to officially mark the end of one year, and the start of the next. They just celebrate in a different manner to western countries.

Buddhism is not a single entity. Various Buddhist groups celebrate the new year and have related festivals on their own schedule and manner.In Theravadin countries, such as Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Lao, the new year is celebrated starts on the first full moon day in April.In Mahayana countries the new year starts with the first full moon day in January and the celebration lasts for three days.There is however an impact from the prevailing local culture. Many Asian countries celebrate the new year on the basis of a lunar calendar. Chinese, Koreans and Vietnamese celebrate the new year late January or early February. Tibetans, however, recognize the new year as starting about one month later.

people celebrate Chinese new year is because Chinese new year is their tradition.

no, Saudi Arabia don't celebrate new year!

About the same as in most industrialized countries. There are fireworks, music and lots of parties.

(1)Philippines (2)japan (3)and most of Asian

We celebrate Khmer New Year on 14th to 16th, April, every year.

China does not celebrate New Year's Eve.

they celebrate CHINESE NEW YEAR

The Chinese New Year is celebrated, because its another year just like when the Americans celebrate the New Year.

They celebrate new year because it is the start of a new year and may bring good things and exciting stuff!

Yes they do and parts of Asia also celebrate the Chinese New year as well

lao and Khmer new year 2009 celebrate.

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