American Revolution

What countries supported patriots in the revolutionary war?


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France spaine and I think china

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Hessians supported Britain while France supported the Patriots.

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

The loyalists supported the British and the Patriots sided with the rebels

During the Revolutionary War, there were 3 groups, Patriots who supported American freedom, Loyalists, who supported Britain, and Neutralists, who did not take any side.

GroupsThe -Africans -Colonial women-The France-The Spanish (Spain)

they separated into two groups, patriots and loyalists. patriots supported independence, loyalists stayed loyal to England.

Well I can't say they supported the americans. But the countries are Spain, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

During the Revolutionary War, patriots were responsible for fighting for the rights of American colonists. Patriots were also the politicians of the day.

No nation was truly 'divided' during the war. There were some people in America who supported the war(patriots) and those who did not support the war(loyalists).

They created alliances with foreign countries like Spain and France. :)

The Patriots wanted a revolutionary war because they believed the colonies were not treated fairly by the British crown.

The French helped the Patriots when they where in battle.

the patriots or the Americans took fort ticonderoga's cannons and won the revolutionary war so the patriots are our allies

Very difficult to say with any accuracy. The best we can determine was that the patriots were supported by a minority of the population. Most people remained loyal through much of the war, thinking that this little band of radicals couldn't possibly win the war.

The partiots were important to the revolutionary war, because they owed their allegience to the revolutionary idealim, whereas the betrayers were peril to the revolutionary war.

Spain and France supported the patriot's war effort.

The patriots General was Harry in the Americans. I think :(

Most of them support the Rebels/Patriots and the few that didn't were known as the loyalists, who supported King George III.

they fought in the American Revolutionary War why?

he was the leader o the patriots

Most patriots were armed with the Flintlock musket.

The Revolutionary patriots are the people who are not loyal to the king and to a side to be free and Independent. Most patriots were not nice to the loyalist because they did what the king said. The patriots wanted freedom and Independence.

Yes because they were powerful and had strong and brave soldiers

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