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Q: What countries were in the central powers in 1917?
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What were the two sides of ww1?

The Allied Powers - England, France, USA (after 1917), Russia, (until 1917), Italy (after 1915), and other countries. The Central Powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria.

Who won between the central powers and the allied powers?

The allies did in 1917

Countries of World War I?

there are actually Quite a lot of countries involved in ww1 Great britain (Allies America (Allies, joined in april, 1917) Germany (Central powers) France (Allies) Russia (Allies, left in February 1917 due to Russian Revolution) Turkey (Central powers) Italy (Allies) Romania (Allies) Serbia (Allies Greece (Allies) Austria-Hungary (Central powers) Bosnia (Central powers) Bulgaria (Central powers) British Empire (Allies) Belgium (Allies) Portugal (Allies) hope this helps you :-)

What do the central powers and neutral countries do?

Central Powers= They are the countries that are fighting in the war. Neutral powers= They are not involved in the fighting

Who was winning the ww1 the year 1917?

The central powers

When did the us declare war on Germany and the central powers?

April 6th 1917

Compare the Allied Powers and the Central Powers Which spent more money?

Most likely the allied powers did. Since they were gaining more and more countries. The Central Powers were a losing countries and men, so I guess that the Allies spent more than the Central Powers.

What countries joined the central powers?

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Why did the us join the fighting on the side of the allies during ww1?

the central powers were taking a lot of countries over and when the us joined it was in 1917 because they were tired of being an isolationist.

Which balkan countries sided with the Central powers?


What is allied powers?

the countries who fought together against the Central Powers in World War

What year did the US enter the war against the central powers?

The US enters WW1 in 1917