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France and the United States.

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The event that led to the purchase of the Louisiana territory was when France lost the French and Indian war. This happened in 1773.

The Louisiana Purchase (1803)

The Louisiana Purchase is often considered to be the big event of Jefferson's presidency.

The Louisiana purchase gave us most of the midwest

The louisianan purchase doubled the size of America, and it brougth new coltures and citizens

Louisiana Purchase refers to this huge territory in North America that the Americans bought off from France. This was done in the year 1803 in which the US offered 15 million dollars.

The Louisiana Purchase (Napoleon sold the Louisiana Territory to America for 15 million dollars. It doubled the size of the U.S.)

because the people there now had more area to hunt buffalo and to live and build houses

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The Battle of Fallen Timbers and Pinckney's Treaty The Louisiana Purchase The Mexican-American War

There are many events that are not the Louisiana or Alaskan Purchase, they include but are not limited to:The Mayflower CompactThe Declaration of IndependenceWorld War IWorld War IIThe War Between the StatesThe War of the RosesThe Hundred Years WarArmageddonThe Seven Years WarThe Franco-Prussian War

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the event was when the two countries didnt have the same decisions in their ideas

Steamboats were very imperative to use for transportation and trading goods. The steamboat helped the event called the Louisiana Purchase to occur. The steamboats helped us with our economy.

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