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Q: What countries were left out of the Paris peace conference after World War 1?
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32 countries attended the Paris peace conference?


How many countries were represented at the Paris Peace conference?


What new countries were created in Europe at the Paris peace conference?


World organization created at the Paris Peace Conference?

The allied victors of World War I met at the Paris Peace Conference. One of the major decisions made was the creation of the League of Nations.

What was the purpose of the Paris Peace Conference in World War 1?

the Paris peace conference convened to negotiate the treaty and for the post ww1 peaceful world. it approved the proposal for the formation of the united nations

Where was the peace conference for World War 1?

it was held in paris france.

Which nation leaders dominated the Paris peace conference?

Great Britain, Italy, U.S., and France. The Paris Peace Conference would have not been dominated without the "help" of those countries' leaders. xoxo, Lila

What countries were represented at the Paris peace conference?

Russia, and more importantly and probably erroneously Germany.

Wilson's goal at the Paris Peace conference?

he created the 14 points in order to achieve the peace it help the rules and determined the right punishment for Germany after losing.

Who represented Germany in the Peace Conference?

who represented germany at the paris peace conference

The big four peace makers at the Paris peace conference were the United states Britain France and which other country?

The Paris Peace Conference in 1919, also known as Versailles Peace Conference, Involved diplomats from 32 countries including major powers France, Britain, Italy, Japan and the United States.

Which countries made the major decisions at the Paris peace conference?

america , britain, and italy plus your UGY