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What countries were neutral in the Revolutionary War?


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Someone who did not support either side in the Revolutionary War

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Another name for a neutral in the revolutionary war was a fence sitter.

Someone who did not support either side of the Revolutionary war

People were neutral during the revolutionary war because they wanted to be free of the government. They also did not want to be included in any part of the war.

The two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War were England and America.

In the Revolutionary War, the colonists were in rebellion against Britain.

With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Neutral countries were Switzerland, Sweeden, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland

Most of the Indians stayed neutral during the war.

The greatest fear of a neutral country is being drawn into a war.

Countries in Europe that were Neutral in World War I:NorwaySwedenDenmarkNetherlandsSwitzerlandSpain

Central Powers= They are the countries that are fighting in the war. Neutral powers= They are not involved in the fighting

A person who did not take sides and just wanted the war to end.

because they were indeoendednt countries and that lead to the revolutionary war. Hope this helps.

Countries that were neutral in World War 1:EthiopiaNetherlandNorwayPersiaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandVenezuela

Countries that remained nominally neutral * Ireland * Portugal * Spain * Sweden (with exception for the Winter War) * SwitzerlandNorway was taken over by Germany in 1940.

Yes, the traitorous repulicans would have been easily defeated without french and spanish help.

The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris, France (neutral ground) on September 3rd, 1783 to end the Revolutionary War.

Someone who did not support either side in the revolutionary war

a person who did not take sides and just wanted the war to end APEX!

They are the countries that flighted for there country

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

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