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Q: What country avent products are from?
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What is the birth name of Anthony Avent?

Anthony Avent's birth name is Anthony Lamont Avent.

What online stores have Avent baby bottles for sale?

Amazon is a major online retailer and seller of Avent baby bottles for sale and one can also check eBay and Boots which specialize in products for babies.

When did James Avent die?

James Avent died in 1995.

When was James Avent born?

James Avent was born in 1895.

When was Elliott Avent born?

Elliott Avent was born on 1956-05-01.

Where can one find information on avent breast pumps?

There are many places where information about Avent breast pumps can be found including the Avent website itself. Other good sources of information are NetMums and MumsNet.

When was Anthony Avent born?

Anthony Avent was born on October 18, 1969, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA.

Where can one purchase Avent baby bottles?

Someone can purchase Avent baby bottles from a number of companies such as amazon. Amazon has a large selection of Avent baby bottles and also offers free shipping on orders that are $25 or greater.

Do you pronounce Avent the brand of baby feeding supplies with a long A or short A?

The Phillips "Avent" brand is pronounced with a short A sound (AH-vent as in cavern or Saavik), although the exact sound varies by language. Their products are marketed worldwide and some commercials do not even say the brand name, using text and music instead.

What has the author Barbara P Avent written?

Barbara P Avent is an author of fiction and non-fiction works. She has written books such as "I Will Stand" and "Worth the Wait." Her writing often explores themes of faith, overcoming challenges, and personal growth.

What has the author Sue Avent written?

Sue Avent has written: 'Spells, chants, and potions' -- subject(s): Charms, Juvenile literature, Magic, Witchcraft

Where do you catch a Celebi in SoulSilver?

only through a avent