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What country did Americans revolt against?

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The American Revolution was a revolt against Britain's perceived oppression.

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How did Americans view the Cuban revolt against Spain?

They sympathized with the Cubans' revolt against imperialist Spain

The movement of Americans into Texas led to a revolt against what country?

This all lead to the beginning of a war with Mexico in 1846.

Why did the Americans become involved in the Cuban revolt against Spain?

They sympathized with the Cubans' revolt against imperialist Spain

Why don't Americans revolt against the bankers and financiers who have taken over their country?

this is false... the bankers and financiers have not taken over the US.

What happens when a colony revolts against its mother country?

There are two possible outcomes to a revolt by a colony against a colonizing country. Either the revolt is suppressed and the colony continues to be a colony, or the revolt succeeds and the colony gains its independence.

Why did Americans revolt against the British?

the Americans wanted independence and did not want to live under British rule.

Why will Americans revolt against communism and Democrats?

Because it is America which is founded on Freedom.

What was the bear Flag revolt?

The 1846 rebellion by Americans against Mexican rule in California.

Why did Thomas Paine write The American Crisis?

To argue that Americans had a duty to revolt against Britain.

Why were the Americans conciernen about the revolt un cuba?

Why were the Americans concerned about the revolt in Cuba

What was the rebellion of Americans settlers against californios in 1846?

bear flag revolt- rebellion of american settlers against the californios in 1846

Why were Americans not allowed in communist china?

American's were free, Chinese people were not, the government did not want the Americans to influence the population of china to revolt against the government

What country inspired the Mexicans to revolt against Spain?

We did. When we revolted against Great Britain, and succeeded, it gave them the confidence to do so.

Did France revolt against Napoleon Bonaparte?

No. France did not revolt against Napoleon.

Why did the Americans revolt against the British?

The Americans revolted because the British were being unfair to them and had imposed too many taxes on them due the the British loss in the Spain war. They found this kind of treatment unfair and decided to win their own country back.

What is the American Crisis about?

thomas Paine convincing Americans that it is necessary to revolt against the british, who had been ruling unjustly

Why did native Americans of New Mexico revolt against the Spanish?

The Spanish were killing them, enslaving them, taking their women and wealth.

What is counterinsurgent mean?

INSURGENCY (Dictionary Definition)-Is a revolt within a group, as by members against leaders; Insurrection against an existing government, usually one's own government, which is NOT recognized as a belligerent. (Not a war against another country). Answer-Counterinsurgency is "putting down" that revolt; restoring LAW & ORDER, and STABILITY to the country.

Who led the slave revolt against Rome?

Spartacus was the leader of the slave revolt against Rome.

When did Jewish revolt against Gallus happen?

Jewish revolt against Gallus happened in 351.

When did Jewish revolt against Heraclius happen?

Jewish revolt against Heraclius happened in 614.

When did Iraqi revolt against the British happen?

Iraqi revolt against the British happened in 1922.

Why was justifying the revolution so necessary?

The American colonies were the first ever to revolt against a mother country.

Why did queen boudicca lead a revolt against the Romans?

Why did Boudicca revolt Why did Boudicca revolt

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