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Q: What country did francisco pizzaro live in?
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Which country did francisco pizzaro sail to?

Francisco Pizzaro sailed to Hispanola

Where did francisco pizzaro live?

in Spain

What country did francisco pizzaro represent?


How do you spell francisco pizzaro's name?

francisco pizzaro

What country sponsored francisco pizzaro?

you answer it you losers. take a bath

Who was Francisco Pizzaro's mother?

Rebecca Pizzaro

What happened on Francisco Pizarro's journey?

francisco pizzaro went from panama to Spain and ruled a country

Did francisco pizzaro have any children?

No. Francisco Pizzaro didn't have any children

Who did Francisco Pizzaro conquer?

Francisco Pizzaro conquered king George the third

Did Francisco Pizzaro a bad man?

What I meant was WAS Francisco Pizzaro a bad man! My bad :P

What did francisco pizzaro do?

he explored

What country sponsered francisco pizzaro?

Spain like almost every other explorer

Francisco pizzaro where did travel to?

Francisco Pizzaro's route was near the edge of South America which is now call chili

What did francisco pizzaro find?


Who did francisco pizzaro sail for?


When did francisco pizzaro explore?

in 1502

Who was pizzaro?

Francisco conquered the Inca.

Who founded Lima?

Francisco Pizzaro

Who claimed Peru?

Francisco Pizzaro.

Who conquered the incas of Peru?

Francisco Pizzaro

How did Francisco Pizzaro travel?

By boat and walking

Did francisco pizzaro discover Peru?


Who was the conquistador who conquered the incans?

Francisco Pizzaro, :)

Who conquered the incas of perus?

Francisco Pizzaro

Who conquired the Inca of Peru?

Francisco Pizzaro