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i think America :)but i could be wrong...

actually it was in ancient athen in bc time period they had a council of 500 men they would do the most voting

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What country did the Arab spring start?

The Arab Spring started in Tunisia. It was the first country to overthrow their government.

When did totalitarianism start?

Italy was the country where totalitarianism started. The fascist country brought this new type of government to light in 1923.

What was the Fredonia Rebellion?

It was a fight of the Mexican government because they were afraid, which tried to start the country of Fredonia.

What country has a totalitarian government?

what country has a totalitary government

What is a country with an autocratic government?

A country with an autocratic government is a country were only the government can make the decisions. So, the people who live within a country with an autocratic government have no say in their country's legislation.

What government is Aisa?

Asia is a continent, not a country. Each country has its own government.

Why does a country needs a government?

without a government a country would not be control and managed

What is country government?

A country's government is call a national government.

Why is it necessary for the country to have a government?

its necessary for a country to have a government because technically there would be no control

The people not the government rule the country?

The people rule the country as the government is because of people.

What does a government do?

A government manage the administration of a country.

Who governs a country?

A government governs a country.

What is the difference between a dependent country and a independent country?

A dependent country depends on the government to do everything for them. A independent country is free and does not rely on the government for everything

What country starts with an A but doesn't start with A?

No country starts with an A, but doesn't start with an A, because you cannot start with a letter and not start with that letter.

What country has a republic government?

One country that has a republic government is the country of Angola. Also, Bolivia, Chile, and Colombia have republic governments.

What country does not have a constitutional government?

Ethopia does not have a constitutional government

What does government mean?

government is the control and organization of a country

What country has command government?

There is no such thing as a "command" government.

Which countries don't have government?

Every country has a government

What country has a mixed government?

Mongolia has a mixed government

What did the federalists hope the new constitution would give the country?

The Federalists hoped that the new constitution would give the country a stronger federal government. They did agree with everything in it, but felt it was a good start.

What does the government make for the country Ottawa?

Ottawa is not a country.

Does the government put pressure on banks?

It differs from country to country, but mostly government put pressure on banks.

What is the home country of a colony?

The home country of a colony is the country that founded it. After a country founds a colony, it is settled and a form of government is established. The government can be either direct or indirect.

Is North Africa limited government or unlimited government?

North Africa is not a country, and the governments with-in the northern part of Africa differ from country to country.