What country did rice come from?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What country did rice come from?
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What country did rice originally come from?


What country does crispy rice come from?


What country does the rice dish 'paella' come from?


What country does basmati rice come from?

Pakistan and india

What country did paella come from?

Paella comes from Spain and is a rice dish. The word 'paella' means 'pan'.

Were do rice come from?

Rice comes from Asia

Were did rice come from?

rice comes from china

What will be the effect of the importation of rice on local palay production?

The production of rice here in our country will decrease because of importing rice from other country.

Why is the Central plain of Luzon are called rice granary of the Philippines?

The Central Plain of Luzon is called the rice granary of the Philippines because of its vast fertile lands and favorable climate for rice cultivation. This region produces a significant amount of rice, which is a staple food in the Philippines, making it a major contributor to the country's rice supply.

What is Stephanie Rice's country?

Stephanie Rice represents Australia.

Which country started rice?

Rice is a natural product, like wheat, corn, lettuce, tomato, etc, so no country can be said to have 'started' rice.

Why did the colonists come to America and not to another country?

The colonists came to America for religious freedom, fertile soil for tobacco and rice, and treasures.