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It is suggested that the Ancient Greeks created toothpaste.

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Q: What country did toothpaste come from?
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Which country does toothpaste come from?

Colgate is an American company, set up in New York in 1806, it initially made soap, candles and starch, but started production of toothpaste in 1873. At first the toothpaste was sold in a glass jar, they started packaging toothpaste in tubes in 1908.

What country made toothpaste?

The U.S.A

What does the sparkle in toothpaste come from?


How do they separate toothpaste colors?

The manufacturing process layers the different colors of toothpaste in the tube so that when you squeeze the tube, multiple colors of toothpaste come out.

How much is arm and hammer toothpaste?

Depends what country and location you are in.

Which plants are used to make toothpaste?

Toothpaste is generally made out of a mixture of Bicarbonate of Soda and Kaolin. Plant extracts (such as mint) are used for flavouring

Why do you have to squeeze the toothpaste tube?

so it can come out cause it has zero force

How long does a burn from toothpaste take to come off?

I had one and it took like a few days as in five days, but keep neosporin on it and that sucker will come right off (: Lesson learned don't put toothpaste on a pimple.

Why Toothpaste does not mix?

Most toothpaste is like a gel, gel is considered a solid even though it can easily be mishaped. they insert toothpaste often in patterns, and that's how it comes out when you squeeze it. I'm sure if you took 2 tubes of different color toothpaste and put it into a bowl then mixed it with a spoon, it would mix; but your question is very similar to something like, "When you hold your toothpaste upside down does the toothpaste come out". It doesn't mix in the tube, but you can mix toothpaste together.

Is brushing your teeth a chemical change?

It's a physical action without toothpaste. Many toothpaste have inactive ingredients, and are only there to "taste good". Toothpaste with fluoride, baking soda, and other common dental ingredients will undergo small chemical changes when they come in contact with water (when baking soda in water come together it creates a chemical reaction). So in some respects it's both!

How do you get red toothpaste out of carpet?

Where did you get red toothpaste? Use baking soda and a little bit of water. scrub at it for a while and it should come off. OR you can just use carpet cleaner.

If you live in a country town that does not fluoridate the water how could you obtain your fluoride?

you can also find it in toothpaste