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They originate from Germany.

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Q: What country do German people originate from?
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What country did German shepherd dog originate?


In what country did great Danes not originate?

Germany. They were originally called German Mastiffs.

Which country does the name Evelyn originate from?

The name Evelyn is German, and means "Desired"

Which country does the word smuggle originate?

It comes from an old Lower German word: smuggeln

Where do German shepherds originate from?

German Shepherd originate from Germany, of course.

What country did the surname sprague originate from?

German and many Jews have this name (my mother's maiden name)

In what country did the french horn originate?

The horn evolved out of German hunting horns, so the answer is Germany.

What country did the song Silent Night originate from?

Austria, where it is called by the German name "Stille Nacht."

What does indigenous people mean?

People who originate from a particular area OR country

What language did the word mansion originate from?

Perhaps from German:'Menschen' which means 'People'

From which country does the surname 'Pfeiffer' originate?

"Pfeiffer" is a German name. The English equivalent is "Piper"

In which country did the Olympics originate?

Ancient Greece

What country did the Pennsylvania Dutch people come to the colonies from?

They were German. The German word for German is Deutsche. Which people mistook for meaning Dutch.

What do German people call their country?


In what country did the great Dane breed originate?

Germany. Originally called the German Mastiff.

What country does the name Hagar originate?

Hagar is commonly associated with Scandinavian, most notably Sweden. It is a German dutch name

Where did foyer originate?

i believe german

In which country did zero originate?

what country did the zero symbol originate from?

In what country did homosexuality originate?

None. Homosexuality did not originate anywhere, it's simply part of how people and many animals are and always has been.

Where did Bellini originate?

In which country did the Bellini originate?

What country does the word genre originate from?

Many people suggest it originates from Italy.

From which country does the family name Snoots originate?

Germany. Ellis island changed german Snutz... to the english sounding equivalent, Snoots

What country is the word knapsack originate from?

From a 15th century German word, of the same spelling, referring to a bag carrying clothes and food

Where did Volkswagens originate?

They originate in Germany; Volkswagon means "People's Car/Wagon" in German.

What country does poodle originate?

Poodles originate from Germany.