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Why Russian Xmas is seventh Jan?

The Russian Xmas is on January 7th because it how the day falls. It is different for every country.

Which country has the lowest amount of people celebrating Christmas?

Turkey it is a legal to celebrate Christmas if u are Turkish it is only people from other parts of the world that is aloud to celebrate Xmas in turkey

When do you get your presents on Christmas or Christmas Eve?

If you believe in Santa then he delivers them on Xmas Eve and you open them on Xmas Day, if not it should get to your home on Xmas Eve and you open them on Xmas Day.

What is the origin of the term Xmas?

"Xmas" is an abbreviation of the word "Christmas".

What is the duration of Father Xmas?

The duration of Father Xmas is 1200.0 seconds.

What is Xmas in relation to Christmas?

Xmas is a shortened way of writing Christmas.

Who is the gift giver on Christmas at the Philippines?

i don't know but im positive its the richest people.. i just wish i could received wonderful gift this xmas from someone i didnt know because during xmas time theres no gift i receved ever... merry xmas to all....

What Christmas things did Cromwell ban?

Xmas dinners, people comming round :D

Is Xmas an abbreviation for Christmas or does it have another meaning?

it is an abbreviation for Christmas 'aka Xmas'

What does Xmas represent?

Xmas stands for christmas, it's just a shortened version.

What is the duration of 'R Xmas?

The duration of 'R Xmas is 1.42 hours.

When was Xmas Party created?

Xmas Party was created on 2008-05-29.

What are some Christmas words that begin with the letter x?

Many people have used the word Xmas as an abbreviation for Christmas, where the X is short for the word Christ and is combined with the word Mass and results in Xmas.

How do people in japan dress for Christmas?

They don't dress up. some people don't even have a xmas tree up.

When was Merry Xmas Everybody created?

Merry Xmas Everybody was created in 1973-07.

What is the duration of The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas?

The duration of The ChubbChubbs Save Xmas is 300.0 seconds.

How do people celebrate Christmas in Paraguay?

they do not celebrate Xmas. they celebrate a strange holiday called makasten.

What did Mesopotamia people use?

they sued there genitals for reproduction and their hands for self pleasure. merry xmas

What does the x in Xmas stands for?

Xmas, or in some cases X-mas, is an easier way to write Christmas. So in many ways, the X in Xmas stands for Christ.

What does the Grinch hate most of all?

christmasthe Grinch hates Christmas most of all! he hates xmas so much that one day he steals all the xmas decors. fro the town of whoville. he does this bcuz he thinks everythin will b quiet on xmas so there is no noise that's all he wants is no noise. but on xmas even if there is no decors. the people of the town of whoville still sing along and r still in da xmas spirit. nothing will come through the who people and there lv for xmas it is a day to celebrate. a day where everyone in da world should celebrate and b happy and give each other presents but xmas is not all bout givin its bout how much u luv each other in ur family ~mojo64~ (p.s. hope dis info helped u)

Are there any abbreviations for Christmas apart from Xmas?

No. Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas - but there are not other English words for it.

What is the real meaning of Xmas?

Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas. Please see the Related Question, below.

Does the term Xmas have more than one meaning?

No. Not as far as I know. Xmas is short for Christmas.

When was Garageband Xmas EP created?

Garageband Xmas EP was created on 2007-12-08.

When was Monster Ballads XMas created?

Monster Ballads XMas was created on 2007-09-11.