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Q: What country does boutique come form?
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Which language does boutique come from?


Where does the word boutique come from?


How do you get eunice to come to your boutique?

Simply and politely invite her. My dear Eunice, would you be so kind to visit my boutique some of these days ?

When ordering bags of paul's boutique website does the charm come with it?

Yes it does!!

What country does granola oil come form?


What country do clydesdales come form?

Scotland i do believe.

What country do sankes come from?

Snakes doe not come form a single country, they are indigenous to and found all over the world.

Which country did queen Victoria's husband come form?


What country is responsible for the word 'boutique'?

"Boutique" is a French word. Originally it comes from Latin (apotheca: storehouse, depot), which also gave apotheke (German), botiga (Occitan), or bottega (Italian).

which is the best boutique in Ernakulam?

Daffodils is the best boutique in Ernakulam

How do you say boutique in french?

Boutique visit french written page:

How do you get cheap clothes on girlsense?

Come to my boutique, I sell everything almost for one cent. Also come to my auctions. My user name is Wecanallhelp